Medical Marijuana Defense in Detroit

Marijuana that is used for medicinal purposes by a card-carrying medicinal marijuana patient is legal in Detroit, and the drug defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have a proven track record of protecting patients and their right to obtain and possess medicinal marihuana in Michigan. There are numerous ways to break the medical marijuana regulations laid out for Wayne County, however, and criminal charges can result in cases involving medicinal pot. It is essential that anyone who has been accused of using or possessing marijuana without a medical marijuana card, selling medicinal marijuana without license to do so, exceeding the limits set by the state’s medical marihuana program, or any other medical marijuana related offense contact an experienced defense attorney right away and fight back against police, prosecutors, and legislators who are determined to strip you of your right to treatment. Our attorneys understand medical marijuana law, and we are ready now to begin protecting anyone in Detroit or statewide who is facing legal complications as a result of medicinal drug use. Contact us by phone or online to learn more about how we may be able to help you, and let us provide you with a free initial case analysis after learning more about the specifics of your situation.

Trial lawyer Scott Grabel has dedicated over a decade of his work to defending Detroit’s accused in marijuana cases, including medicinal marijuana possession and distribution cases. He is a member of NORML, and has maintained a commitment to pursuing exceptional results for clients in marijuana-related cases throughout his legal career. Our firm is recognized statewide as a leader in medical marijuana defense, and clients throughout Wayne County trust our team to represent their best interests as they battle back against conviction and potential penalties that can result. Get in touch with Grabel & Associates right now and begin to fight for a great case result after Detroit medical marijuana crime allegations.

Detroit and Wayne County Medical Marijuana Laws

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Program under the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, allows registered patients to possess up to 12 marijuana plants or up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for personal treatment. This can apply to patients who are treating nausea from chemotherapy, ALS, anxiety, malnutrition, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, glaucoma, and more. Marijuana, also referred to as pot, weed, marihuana, or hash, is highly regulated statewide, and use or possession without a valid MMMP patient card can lead to serious criminal penalties.

In early 2015, a number of rule changes went into effect regarding the MMMP application process. The application fee has been reduced to $60 for everyone, and changes to other fees including caregiver fees were put into effect. There is also an updated form for anyone who wishes to apply for a registry identification card.

Failure to comply with the regulations set by this program, even if you are a lawfully registered patient, can lead to serious criminal charges. It is important that you work with an attorney anytime you or a loved one is accused of violating Detroit medical marijuana laws, and Grabel & Associates is always ready to begin defending clients who are involved in cases of all kinds. Get in touch now for a free case consultation.

Criminal Penalties for Medical Marijuana Crime in Detroit

If a person is convicted of violating the terms of the medical marijuana program by possessing more than the allowed amount of the drug, he or she can face up to 2 years in prison, accompanied by a $2,000 fine. If an offender is charged with intent to distribute marijuana that was gained through a legal registry card, up to 7 years in prison and a fine of $500,000 can result. If an offender does not have a Detroit medical marijuana ID card, he or she can face sentencing under regular Michigan drug legislation, and will likely be subject to much more severe penalties.

Our Approach to Detroit Medical Marijuana Possession and Distribution Defense

At Grabel & Associates, our attorneys understand how frustrating it can be to be facing criminal allegations after you’ve jumped through the administrative hoops necessary to get a medical marijuana card in the first place. Don’t let your frustration hinder your ability to defend yourself, take charge in your case by working with a talented defense attorney who can guide you through the steps you need to take in order to overcome conviction.

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