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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Manistee County Michigan

Have you been arrested for a DUI in Manistee County? Are you facing shoplifting, drug or domestic violence charges?

Contact the criminal defense team at Grabel & Associates for experienced representation and the best possible results.

Time is of the essence. Being charged with certain criminal offenses such as sex crimes, drunk driving and domestic violence may affect your reputation—even if you are found innocent. Once you contact the aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates, we will go to work defending your reputation and preparing your defense.

We have over 100 combined years of experience defending Manistee County residents under investigation and charged in all types of crimes including:

  • Theft and property crimes: When you contact our firm, the first thing our theft and property defense team will do is begin a detailed investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. We will search for all evidence that can provide you a powerful defense.

  • Internet sex crimes: Too many innocent people face serious sex crime charges with substantial consequences for inadvertently downloading child pornography or other illegal files while using their own computer in the privacy or their own home. The aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates will fight back to protect your rights and freedoms.

  • Domestic assault: Sometimes, people in volatile relationships file domestic charges without fully appreciating the impact these charges carry. Unfortunately, an accuser changes his or her mind, it may be too late to stop an investigation and prosecution. In addition to the potential legal consequences, domestic violence charges can carry a long-lasting stigma. With attorneys statewide, our law firm has a proven record of successfully helping clients avoid a conviction and stay out of jail.

  • Weapons charges: Michigan law imposes a mandatory two year minimum prison sentence for people who carry a firearm while committing a crime. This two year sentence is in addition to the potential penalties for the underlying crime. Our weapons charge defense attorneys have successfully gotten these charges reduced or thrown out.

  • Drug possession: Misdemeanor possession charges may quickly escalate into felony possession with intent to deliver based on evidence police uncover in a search. Our drug defense lawyers are skilled at challenging searches and suppressing any illegally obtained evidence.

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Manistee County Criminal Court Information

The Manistee 85th District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal offenses (where the potential penalty is less than one year in jail).

The Manistee County 19th Judicial Circuit Court has jurisdiction in all criminal cases involving felonies or high court misdemeanors. The circuit court also hears cases appealed from the district court.

The Manistee District and Circuit Court are both located in Manistee at:

415 Third Street
Manistee, Michigan 49660

The skilled defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have a proven record of achieving the best possible results in Manistee County and throughout the state of Michigan.

Do you have a conviction on your record?

We also provide post–conviction services under the leadership of Scott Grabel including:

  • Expungements
  • Federal and state criminal appeals
  • Probation and parole violation defense

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