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Have you been charged with a Michigan DUI? Did you fail a roadside sobriety test or chemical test? Contact the experienced DUI defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates. We can fight to protect your driving privileges and get DUI/OUI charges reduced or dismissed.

Our lawyers understand that sobriety tests can and should be challenged. Field sobriety tests (FSTs) are subjective, leading to different results on different days. FSTs can also be challenging, causing even sober people to fail due to poor coordination, fatigue, and even the clothing they wear.

Breath and blood tests are subject to strict regulations and if not administered correctly, may lead to false results.

Don't be fooled into thinking the prosecution has won if you fail a roadside test. Under the leadership of Attorney Scott Grabel our DUI defense team has delivered exceptional results for its clients, getting charges reduced and dismissed even in the face of seemingly overwhelming evidence.

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In fact, we have a proven track record of success in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Drug Crimes: Having a small bag of marijuana at your home does not mean you are a drug dealer. We will fight to protect you from over-zealous law enforcement and prosecutors who seek to impose harsh penalties for drug possession. But even a misdemeanor drug possession conviction on your record can create long lasting damage. If you're under investigation or have been charged with any drug count, contact our drug defense team immediately. Our aggressive attorneys will begin attacking the police's case—seeking to suppress illegally obtained evidence when possible.
  • Sex Crimes: You can be charged with a sex crime even where little or no physical evidence of a sex crime exists. For your future and your freedom you need to fight back. A conviction for any sex crime can leave a lasting scar on your reputation, requiring registration as a Michigan sex offender. The sex crimes defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates will defend you and your reputation.
  • Violent Crimes: If you are hanging out with your friends and things get out of control, you may be charged with assault and face serious charges. If police think your actions are for the benefit of a gang—the charges may be "trumped-up" and the penalties even more severe. Grabel & Associates is recognized as a leading law firm in gang violence defense—we have successfully reduced assault and homicide charges to non-gang offenses.

Contact Our Michigan Defense Team When You Need Aggressive Representation.

We also provide quality defense in all areas of criminal law including property crimes, juvenile crimes and white-collar crimes.

Lapeer County Criminal Court Information

The 71A District Court handles all criminal misdemeanors and preliminary examinations in felony cases. The 40th Circuit Court in Lapeer County handles felony criminal cases (crimes punishable by more than one year in jail) and criminal appeals from the district court.

The 71A District Court and the 40th Circuit Court are both located in the Lapeer County Complex Building in Lapeer, at:

255 Clay Street
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have years of experience successfully representing people in the Lapeer County court system.

Have a conviction on your record?

Our post-conviction services group can help. We provide a full array of post-conviction services including expungements, felony and misdemeanor appeals and probation and parole violation defense.