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Criminal sexual conduct charges can be brought against anyone in Lansing - even juveniles. When a juvenile - one is who is 17 years of age or younger - is accused of criminal sexual conduct with another person of any age, the charges can change the young person's life forever. In some cases, he or she may even have to register as a sex offender, if convicted.

At Grabel & Associates, we understand just how devastating these charges can be to any defendant and his or her family. That's why our attorneys go the extra mile for clients and guide them every step of the way through the juvenile court process in Lansing. With an associate from Grabel & Associates, you can be sure that your best interests are always at the heart of every decision.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Crimes

In Lansing, juveniles can be convicted of sex crimes, just as adults can. The state recognizes several degrees of the charge of sexual conduct, all of which vary in scope and potential punishment depending on the nature of the alleged crime. As with any sex crime it is essential that you seek legal counsel sooner rather than later. Sex crimes, no matter who commits them, come with serious ramifications, and juveniles will need a strong defense attorney to represent them.

The charges for criminal sexual conduct are as follows:

1st degree: If a juvenile sexually penetrates a person younger than 13 years old, criminal sexual conduct in the first degree charges can be brought against him. This charge can also be applied to a minor who is accused of sexually penetrating a relative or person within the same household, or who uses coercion or force. If the alleged victim is 16 or younger, than first degree charges may also be applied.

2nd Degree: In similar circumstances to those described above that do not involve any penetration, second degree sexual misconduct charges may be filed.

3rd and 4th Degree: Depending on the overall nature of the case, a juvenile can be charged with either third or fourth degree criminal sexual conduct. Usually, if the crime does not fall directly into the categories listed under Section 750.520b of the Michigan Penal Code, but the alleged victim is between the ages of 13 and 16, then the charges will categorized as either third or fourth degree. In some instances, statutory rape could also apply.

To fully understand these charges, you need an aggressive attorney who will come to your defense when you need it most. If you're a juvenile in Lansing facing these charges or a parent looking for someone to help your child, then call Grabel & Associates. We'll take a strong approach to your defense strategy and ensure that the rights of the juvenile are always protected.

Sentencing in Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct

Juveniles are not charged the same as adults. When charges are first brought up against a juvenile in Lansing, the case will first be heard in juvenile court, which is a part of family court.

Most cases heard in juvenile court focus more on rehabilitation for the defendant. Judges in juvenile court recognize the damaging effects a conviction can have on a young person, and they try to recognize the difference between a misunderstanding and a true crime. Though they strive to maintain justice, judges do often recommend probation, rehabilitation, and in some cases, alternative sentencing.

In cases of alternative sentencing in Lansing, a judge will set up certain conditions that the defendant must meet. The conditions might involve community service, enrollment in alcohol treatment programs, or other programs relating to the nature of the case. If all conditions are met, then the juvenile's record will not show the charge.

Of course, some serious cases can be moved to adult court. If a juvenile is charged with a felony sexual conduct charge, then the case may be moved, and the juvenile will be charged as an adult.

Our attorneys at Grabel & Associates don't want that to happen. All of our cases are treated with the utmost importance, and we will comb though your case to determine what legal issues will be at play. With those issues in mind, we will craft a finely-tailored defense strategy that will focus on meeting your needs.

Lansing is in Ingham County, which means juveniles must go to Ingham County Family Court for any scheduled court dates. There are two locations:

Grady Porter Building
303 W. Kalamazoo Street, 2nd Fl.
Lansing, MI 48933

Veterans Memorial Courthouse
313 W. Kalamazoo Street
Lansing, MI 48933

Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 - 12:00 p.m. (closed for lunch) 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Phone Number:
(517) 483-6105

(517) 483-6158

Even if your case does not make it out of juvenile court in Lansing, it is still vital to have a strong legal representative by your side. Michigan takes sexual offenses very seriously, and so should you. Hire a skilled attorney now and start building your defense.

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Being accused of juvenile criminal sexual conduct in Lansing can be devastating to any minor and the families involved. In some extreme cases, these can be moved to adult court, where juveniles can face bigger penalties such as jail time or large fines. These cases will not be taken off the juvenile's permanent record, which can be disastrous for a juvenile's future prospects, such as college or employment.

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