Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct in Ann Arbor

Since most juveniles cannot lawfully consent to sexual activity of any kind, there are many cases involving underage offenders who are accused of criminal sexual conduct, some involving offenders who did not know they were breaking the law. Criminal Sexual Conduct is a very serious charge which deals with sexual assault, sex with a minor, and other sexually delinquent acts, and can come into play in cases involving two juveniles who meant to enter a consensual relationship, or other situations involving illicit sexual activity. If your child has been accused of CSC in Ann Arbor, it is essential that you contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as you can, and find out more about the specific laws and legal issues that will be involved in your case. Grabel & Associates is always available for clients statewide, and our juvenile sex crimes defense team knows what it takes to achieve exceptional results and protect the futures of Michigan’s accused in even the most complex CSC cases.

Trial lawyer Scott Grabel, who has worked in the Ann Arbor criminal defense system for well over a decade, along with the rest of our experienced attorneys are ready right now to begin providing premier level defense to anyone who has been accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct in Ann Arbor or anywhere else in Washtenaw County. Our team has extensive experience working with juvenile offenders, defined by law as those under 17 years of age, and we know the unique legal issues that you can come across when dealing with the juvenile court system and consent calendar, as well as in cases involving juveniles treated as adults during the criminal justice process. Contact us now by phone or online and get in touch with a member of our team who can immediately provide a free initial case consultation. We are available 24/7 for clients statewide.

Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Laws in Ann Arbor, MI

According to Ann Arbor sex crime laws, there are 4 degree of Criminal Sexual Conduct charges that an offender can face. These are each outlined below.

1st degree CSC occurs when sexual penetration takes place with a minor under the age of 13. It can also result in cases involving a juvenile under the age of 16, if force, coercion, family relation, or other extenuating circumstances are present. 2nd degree CSC has the same guidelines, but rather than sexual penetration occurring, any other sexual conduct must be present in the case.

3rd degree CSC occurs in cases involving sexual penetration with a minor under 16 years of age. If extenuating circumstances exist, CSC in the 3rd degree can result from sexual penetration regardless of age. In order for a 4th degree conviction to result, sexual contact other than penetration must occur.

Even if the alleged offender is also under the age of 17, or if the two offenders are the same age, these serious criminal charges can result. While police and prosecutors are more likely to send a case to juvenile court if it involves two minors in a consensual relationship, repeat offenders and those involved in cases with extenuating circumstances such as alleged rape could be sentenced as adults. Work with Grabel & Associates and protect against the serious potential penalties that could result.

Juvenile Penalties for Criminal Sexual Conduct in Ann Arbor

CSC is an extremely serious offense, with up to life behind bars on the line in the most serious 1st degree cases. Though juveniles may be able to seek rehabilitative sentencing or a deferred sentence, it is critical that you or your loved one work with a qualified juvenile defense lawyer to fight for a beneficial result. Get in touch with Grabel & Associates now to learn more about our proven approach to juvenile CSC defense.

Our Approach to Ann Arbor Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense

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