Joyriding in Detroit

Just taking a vehicle without permission is a serious criminal offense, even in cases where intent to steal does not come into play. Grabel & Associates is a firm committed to joyriding defense, and our lawyers have the experience and skill needed to represent clients of all kinds in cases involving auto theft and UDAA. Whether you are a first time offender, a repeat offender, a juvenile, or whatever the circumstances of your case may be, our theft attorneys are prepared to walk you through the steps you need to take in order to obtain a favorable result. As soon as you get in touch with our team, we will begin to guide you through your Detroit joyriding case. We know how to deal with all types of cases of driving away an automobile illegally, and we will not rest until you have received top level defense. Call or contact us online now for a free initial case analysis. We are available for clients in Detroit and statewide 24/7.

Firm founder and trial attorney Scott Grabel has spent over a decade fighting for clients in theft and property crime cases, and along with the rest of our talented team will do everything possible to protect you or your loved one after joyriding allegations arise. We know what it takes to win and our past clients will tell you just how effective our proven tactics are in Detroit and Wayne County courts. Work with an attorney who truly values your freedom and cares about the end result in your case. Call our 24/7 hotline or contact Grabel & Associates online and begin to gain answers to some of your questions that you have concerning your case. We are always ready to begin working with clients in misdemeanor and felony auto theft cases.

Michigan Joyriding Laws

Driving away an automobile without permission is a criminal offense, though the severity of that offense does change depending on whether or not intent to steal is present. According to Section 750.414, any person who takes or uses any motor vehicle without authority without intent to steal, or who is involved in the taking or using of a motor vehicle without permission and without intent to steal, is guilty of a misdemeanor offense. Joyriding is punished incredibly harshly, and in many cases, especially repeat offense joyriding cases in Detroit, the punishment resembles the penalties for a felony conviction.

As soon as you or a loved one is accused of involvement in a joyriding offense, it is crucial that you contact a recognized defense firm and get in touch with a lawyer who knows what it takes to help you achieve an exceptional case result. Grabel & Associates is available 24/7 for clients statewide after joyriding investigations, or actual misdemeanor charges in Detroit.

Criminal Penalties for Joyriding in Detroit – Wayne County Auto Theft Defense

If convicted of driving away a motor vehicle or using a vehicle without permission, and intent to steal is not a factor in the case, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor and face up to 2 years behind bars along with a possible fine of up to $1,500. If it is a first time offense, the court can choose to reduce the punishment to a maximum of 3 months in prison and/or a $500 fine. Our lawyers will work with you to ensure you receive top-level representation, and that you achieve the best possible result in your Detroit joyriding case.

Detroit Joyriding Representation

Our Wayne County lawyers are committed to doing whatever it takes to guide clients through the complex issues involved in UDAA and joyriding cases. For over a decade we have been working with clients of all kinds, walking them through the steps they need to take in order to avoid wrongful conviction or excessively harsh penalties. Grabel & Associates knows what it takes to obtain impressive case results, and our past clients will attest to just how effective our team can be in misdemeanor and felony cases. Additionally, our proven results show a track record of excellence in cases similar to the one you are facing. Contact our firm now for a free initial case analysis if you are in need of representation during any stage of the criminal justice process. Our lawyers are available now for clients in Detroit and statewide.

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Our firm is dedicated to always being available for clients when needed, and part of that commitment includes always having an experienced representative available on our toll free hotline at 1-800-342-7896 or contact us online. If you aren’t near a phone, contact our Detroit joyriding defense firm online. We are available right now to begin walking you through the next steps you should be taking to protect your freedom.