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Facing criminal charges in Ionia County can be stressful. You worry about your future and your family. Put your mind at ease by contacting Grabel & Associates. Our criminal defense attorneys are known throughout the state as providing aggressive, effective, and results-oriented representation to people from all walks of life.

If the police are knocking at your door—call the lawyers at Grabel & Associates to protect your rights and your future.

For over 100 combined years our attorneys have been providing top quality criminal defense in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Juvenile offenses: We will work to ensure any charges brought against a minor-aged child stay out of the adult court system and in juvenile court. We will also fight to keep the charges off your permanent record. Our Michigan juvenile defense team has been fighting on behalf of adolescents and teenagers in Ionia County and throughout Michigan for more than a decade.
  • Drug related charges: If you or a family member has been charged with drug possession, manufacturing or trafficking, you need an experienced defense attorney immediately. The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have been providing valuable legal advice and aggressive defense throughout the state for many years. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best chance to avoid conviction and stay out of jail.
  • Robbery and theft: If you have been charged with a theft crime, many times the key to your defense is thorough investigation. At Grabel & Associates, our team of defense lawyers will utilize state of the art computer and forensic analysis to immediately investigate the charges and protect your rights.
  • Violent crimes: If you have been charged with a violent crimes, such as homicide/murder or gang violence you are facing the potential for a long jail sentence. You need an attorney with the skills, experience and courtroom presence to aggressively protect your future.

With a statewide practice, the criminal defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have earned the respect of their client and peers throughout Michigan as the criminal defense attorneys to call when your freedom and liberties are at stake.

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Ionia County Criminal Court Information

The Ionia County District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses where the potential jail time is less than one year, including arraignment, sentencing, and setting and acceptance of bail. The district court also handles felony cases from arraignment through preliminary examination. Felony cases bound over for trial are transferred to the circuit court. The circuit court also handles all serious misdemeanors, as well as domestic relations cases.

The Ionia County 64-A District Court and the 8th Circuit Court are located in the Ionia Courthouse at:

100 W. Main Street
Ionia, Michigan 48846

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Grabel and Associates have a long track record of proven results in the Ionia County Court system and throughout Michigan.

Facing criminal charges in Ionia County? Contact our team of defense lawyers to fight for your future.