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There are a number of different criminal offenses that can be part of the larger concept of identity theft. Everything from credit card and bank fraud, to impersonation and defamation can technically be included as part of an identity theft case. Using someone else’s information to commit any illegal act, including theft and property crime, is a very serious offense. Contact Grabel & Associates now for a free initial case consultation. Our Detroit identity theft lawyers know what it takes to protect those who have been falsely accused of serious misdemeanor and felony offenses, and are dedicated to assisting clients through every stage of the defense process. Contact our firm now by phone or online for a free initial case consultation and learn more about what you need to do in order to achieve a great case result after facing criminal allegations in Detroit.

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Identity Theft Laws

Identity theft crimes are centered on what is referred to as personally identifying information. Personally identifying information can include an address, tax info, a social security number, and any other information which can be used to provide access to financial accounts of any kind. Using a bill with someone else’s name and address on it to open an account can therefore be considered identity theft.

Identity theft goes beyond just finances however. Simply sending an email from someone else’s account, setting up any type of scheme to solicit personal identifying information, selling or giving away personally identifying information that is not your own, or falsely accusing another person of identity theft are all illegal actions which can lead to serious criminal penalties. Credit card fraud offenses are often included in identity theft as well, such as copying debit or credit card information for use in retail transactions.

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Criminal Penalties for Identity Theft in Detroit, Michigan

According to the Identity Theft Protection Act, a person shall not use or attempt to use the personal identifying information of another with intent to defraud or break the law to either obtain credit, goods, services, money, property, a vital record, phone record, medical record, or employment, or to commit another illegal act.

If convicted of identity theft, any person could face up to 5 years behind bars and a fine of up to $25,000, regardless of the specifics of the offense. Greater penalties can be possible for second and subsequent offenses, and in any case additional funds will be required to repay the lawful owner of the information, which could lead to forfeiture of property.

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