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Are you facing drunk driving charges in Huron County, Michigan? Has your driver's license been suspended or revoked? Are you concerned about how a DUI might impact your future?

Contact the Huron County criminal defense law firm of Grabel & Associates now to find out how we can help you beat a Michigan DUI charge and take control of your future.

For more than 100 combined years, our team of lawyers have been helping those charged with Michigan DUI/OUI offenses get the charges reduced or dismissed. Too often, when drivers are stopped for DUI they hand over their constitutional rights and don't fight back. That's where our experienced Michigan DUI defense attorneys come in. We can help.

  • Every traffic stop is a judgment call. We will question the police officer's judgment in stopping you.
  • Field sobriety tests are flawed. We will reveal errors in testing and provide alternative rationale for field test failures.
  • Blood and breath tests may be inaccurate. We will challenge the accuracy of any chemical tests administered.
Each DUI case is different. Our skilled Michigan drunk driving lawyers will evaluate your circumstances and tailor your defense to meet your needs.

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With a statewide practice, our criminal defense attorneys have a proven record of success in all areas of Michigan criminal law including:
  • Sex crimes: We have obtained not guilty verdicts in all levels of criminal sexual conduct including rape and sexual assault.
  • Negligent homicide: Our attorneys have successfully gotten all charges dismissed in negligent homicide cases.
  • Drug charges: Our drug lawyers have obtain jury verdicts of not guilty and gotten charges dismissed in all types of drug charges including possession of marijuana, cocaine and vicodin, and possession with intent to deliver.
  • Domestic Violence Charges: We have successfully challenged domestic assault charges resulting in "not guilty" verdicts and charges not filed.

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Huron County Criminal Court Information

The Huron County District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses—less serious crimes where potential jail time is less than one year—from arraignment through sentencing. The District Court also handles felony cases from arraignment through preliminary examination. Felony cases bound over for trial are transferred to the circuit court.

Both the 73B District Court and the 52nd Circuit Court are located in Bad Axe, in the Huron County Building.

250 East Huron Avenue
Bad Axe, Michigan 48413

The attorneys at Grabel & Associates are well known in the Huron County court system and throughout the state of Michigan as effective, dedicated and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys. If you are facing any federal or state criminal charges in Michigan, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers now for a free consultation.