How to Appeal a Driver’s License Hearing Decision in Kalamazoo

If you have your license revoked, there is no other way to get it back other than winning a DAAD/DLAD hearing. If you apply for a driver’s license restoration hearing and fail to win, you will have to wait an entire year at minimum just to reapply for a new hearing. This is why, in cases involving unreasonable decisions, it may be a good idea to appeal the DAAD hearing decision to a higher authority. The Grabel & Associates team knows how to help those who don’t want to wait to get their license back simply because a hearings officer didn’t fairly view the details of his or her case. We can represent you as you continue to work towards license reinstatement, and our proven attorneys are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you back on the road. Contact our 24/7 hotline now or email our firm now and learn more about our proven approach to DAAD hearing appeals in Kalamazoo. We are always ready to begin applying our proven strategies to your case, or your loved one’s case.

Under the direction of driver’s license reinstatement lawyer Scott Grabel, our talented trial attorneys will guide you through the DAAD hearing appeal process. DAAD hearing decisions can only be appealed to the Circuit Court, and our Kalamazoo driver’s license restoration team have experience working in the Circuit Court system and appearing before judges just like the one you will face if you choose to move forward with an appeal. Let our lawyers advise you on your legal options following disappointment in a DAAD hearing, and work with our talented team to improve your result as you move forward with your case. Get your license back now with Grabel & Associates on your side – call 1-800-342-7896 now for a free initial case analysis, or contact our team online to learn more about our proven approach to license reinstatement after a revocation.

DAAD Hearing License Restoration in Kalamazoo – Why Did I Lose My Hearing?

In order to win a driver’s license hearing, you will need to definitively prove your sobriety and convince the hearings officer that you are unlikely to reoffend. You will need to have a substance abuse evaluation, a 10-panel screen, community support letters, evidence of involvement in a sobriety support group, and other evidence demonstrating your sobriety, and if you fail to present any of this evidence, your application for reinstatement could be denied. If you have had any alcohol since your license was revoked, it is likely if not certain that your application will be denied.

In some cases, however, the hearings officers misinterpret things said, or simply allow bias into the case. In these cases, a hearings appeal could be successful, and you should take action to get your license back right away. Our attorneys can help you gauge your chances at success in your case, and will walk you through everything you need to do in order to win an appeal.

Circuit Court Appeals for DAAD Hearings

As mentioned previously, the Circuit Court hears appeals from the Driver Assessment Appeal Division, also known as the Administrative Hearings Section. In order to win an appeal, you will need to prove that the DAAD applied driver’s license law incorrectly, or misunderstood critical details concerning your situation. To learn more about the requirements to win an appeal, read through Section 257.323 of the Vehicle Code, or contact our team. It is extremely difficult to win a DAAD hearing appeal, which is why you need to work with the best possible attorney. The Grabel & Associates team is ready right now to start fighting for you or your loved one, and we know what it takes to get you your license back after an unfair driver’s license hearing decision.

DAAD/DLAD Hearing Appeals in the Circuit Court

Our license reinstatement attorneys treat every case as if it were our own freedom that had been restricted, and we are determined to put in the work necessary to help you get your normal life back. Our lawyers are committed to providing premier representation throughout your post-hearing case, and will fight for your best interests as you continue towards a circuit court appeal.

Contact Grabel & Associates for Appellate Representation in DAAD Hearing Cases

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