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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hillsdale County Michigan

Sometimes the police just get it wrong. You've been arrested for a DUI and you haven't been drinking. You're under investigation for distributing drugs because of who you associate with. You've been accused of a Michigan crime you didn't commit.

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Our aggressive defense attorneys understand the frustration, anxiety, and stress accompanying charges of any Michigan criminal offense—especially for the wrongfully accused.

For more than 100 combined years, our team of Hillsdale County criminal defense lawyers have been providing vigorous defense in all areas of criminal law including:

  • DUI Defense: If you have been charged with DUI or have been ordered to take a breath test, talk to our defense team before you say another word. Our team of criminal defense attorneys can help you beat a DUI charge.
  • Armed Robbery, Burglary and Home Invasion: If you're facing felony charges for robbery, larceny or armed robbery, you may face many years in jail if convicted. At Grabel & Associates, our attorneys are focused on getting your charges dismissed, avoiding jail time, and seeking the best possible results in your case.
  • Juvenile Crimes: Our lawyers understand that the most important issue for minor-aged children facing criminal charges is to stay out of adult court and keep a conviction off their record. With a statewide practice, our Michigan juvenile crimes defense attorneys are ready to fight to protect your child's future.
  • Violent Crimes: Our Michigan violent crimes attorneys have a proven track record of getting charges reduced or dismissed in all types of violent crimes including assault, weapons charges, gang violence and murder. 

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If you already have a conviction on your record, we can explore options to appeal the conviction and minimize the impact on you future.We offer a full range of post-conviction services including:
  • Expungement and sealing of records
  • Misdemeanor and felony appeals
  • Conviction set-aside rehabilitation programs

Hillsdale County Criminal Court Information

The Hillsdale County District Court handles less serious criminal charges, including misdemeanors where potential jail time is less than a year as well as arraignments and preliminary examinations for felonies (crimes where the penalty exceeds one year of imprisonment). Both jury and non-jury trial misdemeanor arraignments are heard in the district court. The Hillsdale County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over matters felony matters bound over from District Court.

Both the Hillsdale County District and Circuit Court are located in Hillsdale.

The 1st Circuit Court is located at:

Hillsdale County Courthouse
29 North Howell Street
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

The 2B District Court is located in the Courthouse Annex, at:

Courthouse Annex
49 North Howell Street
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

The experienced attorneys at Grabel & Associates have years of experience defending individuals in the Hillsdale County court system and have a statewide reputation as tough, effective, and compassionate criminal defense lawyers.

If you are facing any Michigan criminal charges, Contact the lawyers at Grabel & Associates now so we can start preparing your defense.