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Have you been arrested as part of a Michigan law enforcement sting? Contact Grabel & Associates at 1-800-342-7896 immediately for help.

Increasingly, police officers are using stings to try to catch innocent people supposedly engaged in criminal activity. Law enforcement may employ stings to "catch" people using the Internet to view sexual content in the privacy of their own home. If a person inadvertently downloads a sexual image of a minor, they may be charged with child pornography or soliciting a minor.

Our legal defense team will fight back aggressively.

Other times, innocent individuals at wrong place at the wrong time are picked up for solicitation and prostitution. We can help.

We strongly believe in protecting your constitutional rights, including your First Amendment rights.

Many times police stings violate these rights when they set out to "catch" you doing something illegal. In some instances, their actions may be considered entrapment and grounds for dismissal of the charges. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates understand these tricks and will work to get these charges reduced or thrown out completely.

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The attorneys at Grabel & Associates will protect your constitutional rights and defend you against all Michigan criminal charges including:

  • Gang violence: Violent crimes that arise out of gang activities may be subject to enhanced penalties. In an effort to reduce gang activities, police officers often confuse hanging out with friends as acting as part of a gang. If you have been charged with gang activity, we will fight to get those charges dismissed or reduced to a non-gang related charge.
  • Domestic violence: If you've been charged with domestic violence, you need an aggressive attorney to fight back. Even where an accuser changes his or her mind and wants to drop the charges, the prosecutor is the only one with the authority to do so. You need an experience Gratiot County criminal defense attorney to challenge the charges.
  • DUI defense: When police officers detain you for a drunk driving offense, they must follow certain guidelines. If the stop is illegal, we can get charges dismissed or thrown out.
  • White-collar crimes: Often white-collar crimes and fraud charges require knowledge of complex financial matters. After you retain our white-collar criminal defense firm, we will start investigating the charges immediately, incorporating attorney Scott Grabel's accounting background to uncover financial irregularities and errors that may lead to charges being dismissed or reduced.

Gratiot County Criminal Court Information

The Gratiot County 65th District Court has jurisdiction over arraignments and preliminary examinations for felonies (crimes where the penalty exceeds one year of imprisonment). Both jury and non-jury trial misdemeanor arraignments are heard in the district court. The Gratiot County 29th Circuit Court has jurisdiction over matters felony matters bound over from district court.

The 65th District Court is located in Ithaca at:

245 East Newark Street
Ithaca, Michigan 48847

The 29th Circuit Court is located in Ithaca as well at:

214 E. Center Street #4
Ithaca, Michigan 48847

The criminal defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates have years of experience successfully representing individuals in the Gratiot County Court system.

Contact our experienced lawyers now to take control of your future and protect your rights and freedoms.