Grand Rapids DUI/OWI Charges

The penalties for a drunk driving conviction are extreme, and anyone in Grand Rapids who has been accused of a DUI/OWI offense should contact an experienced DUI lawyer right away. Scott Grabel has over a decade of experience working within the criminal justice system, and has defended countless clients in tough DUI and OWI cases in Grand Rapids and statewide. Grabel & Associates has established a reputation as one of the best DUI defense firms in Grand Rapids, and is recognized throughout West Michigan as a premier choice for anyone facing a drunk driving allegation. Contact our firm now for a free initial case consultation and begin fighting back against life-changing penalties.

If convicted of Operating While Intoxicated in Grand Rapids, you could face:

  • Jail Time
  • Fines
  • License Suspension or Revocation
  • Vehicle Immobilization
  • Ignition Interlock Requirement
  • Criminal Record
  • Driver Responsibility Fees

The specific details of your case will determine which of these and other related penalties you could face, though by working with an experienced attorney you can decrease your chances of suffering from unnecessarily harsh punishment.

Michigan Operating While Intoxicated Laws (257.625)

According to Michigan law, specifically Section 257.625 of the Vehicle Code, it is illegal for a person to operate a vehicle in any space generally accessible to motor vehicles while intoxicated. Intoxication is defined as:

  • A person is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  • A person has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.08%.
  • A person has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.17%, in which case he or she can be charged with “Super Drunk” high BAC charges.
  • A person is driving on a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and has a BAC over 0.04%.
  • A person under 21 with a BAC over 0.00% (Zero Tolerance Law)

Intoxication may be determined by a police officer who pulls you over and conducts field sobriety tests, a roadside breathalyzer test, or a chemical blood test. Oftentimes a preliminary test will be followed up by a more accurate test back at the station or under other medical supervision. Many wrongful convictions still occur, however, because of commonly-made police and prosecutor mistakes. Our Grand Rapids attorneys know what it takes to protect against harmful penalties caused by a false allegation, and will do whatever it takes to defend your freedom throughout every stage of your case.

Criminal Penalties for a Grand Rapids DUI/OWI Conviction

If you are convicted of Operating While Intoxicated in Michigan, you could face extremely serious penalties. If it is your first offense, you could be sentenced to:

  • Up to 93 days in prison.
  • A fine of between $100 to $500.
  • A driver’s license suspension (up to 6 months).
  • A criminal record.
  • Possible ignition interlock device (IID).

If it is your second offense, you could face:

  • Between 5 days and a year in prison.
  • A fine of between $200 and $1000.
  • A license suspension for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Ignition interlock installation.

For a third Grand Rapids OWI offense, you could be sentenced to:

  • Between 30 days and a year in prison.
  • A fine of between $200 and $1000.
  • A minimum license suspension of 1 year.
  • IID installation.

Our Approach to Grand Rapids DUI Defense

At Grabel & Associates, our entire team is dedicated to protecting Michigan’s accused from wrongful conviction and the penalties that could result. Some mistakes that are often made in OWI cases that could help you obtain a better case result include:

  • Rights violations during arrest or investigation.
  • Problems with Breathalyzer or blood testing and inaccuracies in results.
  • No probable cause to pull defendant over or arrest the accused.
  • Inaccuracies in the officer’s testimony.

There are numerous other defenses that can be used, and it is important to work with a lawyer who understands the value of tailoring a unique defense approach to your specific case.

Our proven results demonstrate how effective our approach has been in past cases statewide, and under the direction of experienced trial lawyer Scott Grabel, we will effectively represent you throughout investigation and trial, or even post-conviction. Contact our team now to start defending against DUI conviction.

Grabel & Associates MI Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

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