Fleeing & Eluding a Police Officer in Detroit

When an officer who is lawfully performing his or her active duty attempts to pull you over for a legitimate reason, you need to stop or will face serious criminal penalties. Failure to stop, or actively fleeing and eluding police, can result in additional criminal charges on top of whatever offense you may already be facing, and is never a good idea no matter what your situation might be. If you have been pulled over for a criminal offense, or if you have allegedly fled from police, it is important that you contact an experienced Detroit driver’s license attorney as soon as possible. Comply with reasonable police requests and politely decline to answer any questions so that you don’t get yourself into a more difficult legal situation. Our lawyers can guide you through the next steps you need to take in order to protect your rights and freedom.

There are many reasons why a person might mistakenly flee from a police officer, including not realizing what the officer was requesting, not trusting that he or she was really a police officer, or simply not feeling it was safe to stop at that moment. Our attorneys know how procedural mistakes made by police can create confusing situations and lead to wrongful accusations, and we are fully prepared to work through every detail of your case with you in order to determine the unique story behind the allegations you are facing.

The Detroit motor vehicle crime attorneys at Grabel & Associates are available 24/7 to begin working with you as you battle back against false accusations, misunderstood case details, and the harsh criminal penalties that could result from a fleeing and eluding conviction. Contact us by phone or online now for a free initial case consultation to learn more.

Failure to Stop – Fleeing and Eluding Defense Lawyer in Detroit Michigan

Failing to obey any lawful direction from a police officer can lead to serious criminal penalties, as is outlined in Section 750.479a of the Michigan Penal Code. According to the text of the law, anyone who is given a signal to stop their vehicle be it by voice, hand, light, siren, or other visual or audible signal, must do so when safe. Speeding up the vehicle, turning off the lights, or otherwise attempting to flee and/or elude the officer is illegal and can lead to serious criminal penalties.

This law does not apply in cases where the police or conservation officer is not in uniform and does not have a vehicle that is recognizable as a police or department of natural resources vehicle. In some cases, confusion surrounding the legitimacy of the officer can result in a person fleeing, and it is important to work with an attorney if this is the case in your situation. No matter what the details of your unique case, however, our lawyers are available now to begin fighting for you, and are committed to doing everything possible to help you overcome jail time or fines that can result from fleeing and eluding conviction.

Criminal Penalties for Detroit Fleeing and Eluding Conviction

If a person is convicted, the specific penalties he or she will face will depend on the number of past offenses on record, as well as the specific details of the case. A basic 4th degree fleeing and eluding first time conviction can lead to up to 2 years behind bars and a $2,000 fine. 3rd degree conviction results in cases involving fleeing and eluding causing an accident, or fleeing and eluding in a zone with a speed limit under 35 mph, and can lead to up to 5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. A 3rd degree conviction can also result in cases involving a person who already has one conviction on record.

In order for a 2nd degree fleeing and eluding conviction to result, the person must either have a prior conviction for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree F&E, or 2 priors for 4th degree F&E, or cause serious bodily impairment to another person. Second degree conviction can lead to up to 10 years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. The most serious fleeing and eluding charges are 1st degree charges, which result in cases causing the death of another person, which can lead to 15 years behind bars and a $15,000 fine.

Our Approach to F&E Defense in Detroit, Michigan

Our attorneys know that every case is unique and there can be many different reasons why a person might be facing accusations of fleeing and eluding. We will walk through every detail of your case with you and work to develop a defense strategy that takes every aspect into account while remaining focused on pursuing your best interests. Contact our 24/7 hotline right now from anywhere in Wayne County to get started.

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