Driving on a Suspended License in Detroit

After a drunk driving conviction, part of the sentence that may be assigned to a defendant will likely be a driver’s license suspension. While a driver’s license is suspended, it is illegal to drive at all until that suspension is up – really, it is just like not having a driver’s license at all. The penalties for driving on a suspended license in Detroit are serious, and can include extended suspension, revocation, fines, or even jail time in the most serious cases. Anyone who has had their license suspended and is facing allegations of driving after that suspension should get in touch with an experienced driver’s license defense lawyer, regardless of the details of the case. Our Detroit lawyers can help you fight false accusations, or work through the legal issues in your case in order to avoid an excessively harsh sentence. No matter what it takes, we will protect your best interests throughout every stage of the criminal process.

Driver’s license lawyer Scott Grabel has spent well over 10 years protecting the driving privileges of Detroit’s accused, and is recognized as a leader in both driver’s license defense and restoration. We know what it takes to overcome allegations of driving on a suspended license, and are dedicated to putting in the hard work necessary to protect your rights and freedom as you battle back against potentially damaging accusations. With past experience working with clients throughout Wayne County and statewide in driver’s license and motor vehicle crime cases of all kinds, our team has what it takes to guide you or your loved one through the defense process and to an exceptional result. Contact us right now for a free initial case analysis and learn more about our proven approach to defending against charges of driving on a suspended license.

Driver’s License Suspension Detroit Michigan – DWLS Defense Lawyer in MI

There are a number of different types of license suspension a person can face after a motor vehicle related criminal conviction like DUI/OWI or reckless driving. Many license suspensions are for a defined period, after which a full or restricted license may be regained by paying a fee. There are also indefinite license suspensions, which do not have a set time, though a minimum for every suspension is normally set.

License revocations are similar to an indefinite suspended license, except for that the reinstatement process is much more difficult. Rather than just paying a fee or fine, to get a revoked license back it is necessary to win a hearing with the driver assessment appeal division, or DAAD, of the state of Michigan.

Driving without a license, whether it has been suspended, revoked, or never obtained in the first place, is a serious criminal offense, and it is essential that anyone who has been accused of driving without a license get in touch with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact our team right away and learn more about the steps you should be taking to combat DWLS conviction – we are available 24/7 to begin working with you or your loved one.

Criminal Penalties for Driving With Suspended License in Detroit

As outlined in the Michigan Vehicle Code, anyone who drives after their license has been suspended, denied, or revoked, can face a fine of up to $500, and up to 93 days in jail. A mandatory additional suspension will also be included. For a second offense, a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in jail will accompany possible vehicle immobilization and a mandatory additional suspension. Third and fourth offenses can lead to the addition of license plate confiscation, while a fifth offense can up the vehicle immobilization period to as much as three years.

Our Approach to DWLS Defense in Detroit, MI

It is absolutely essential that you act fast if you have been accused of driving after a license suspension, as the preliminary investigative stages of a case are crucial. As soon as you contact our team, we will begin to review the specifics of your case and work to create an individualized defense approach based on what we identify as the key legal issues involved in your specific situation. Contact us now for a free initial case consultation and begin fighting for justice.

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