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Ann Arbor Domestic Violence Lawyer

Aggressive, Experienced, With Proven Case Results

Good people get falsely accused of domestic violence, and we understand the stigma associated with a domestic violence charge. Our Ann Arbor domestic violence lawyer understands your concerns and are ready to help you achieve your goals of aggressively defending and winning your case. At Grabel & Associates we take every case personally, especially domestic violence.

Our mission and intent is to get every domestic violence case dismissed. If a dismissal is not possible, our domestic violence defense attorney work diligently to keep it off our client’s record and with no jail time. Our firm has won all forms of domestic violence offenses in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County for over 25 years. The first step is getting bonded out of jail, and we know how to facilitate quick release without having to waste money on a bail bondsman and get you back in your home or place of residence.

The Advantage of Working with A Law Firm Rooted in Ann Arbor & Washtenaw County for Domestic Violence

Having vast experience in every aspect of a domestic violence case from a thorough analysis of the physical evidence to interviewing all potential witnesses ensures you will get the highest quality defense of your case. We have worked with every judge and prosecutor in the Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County area on domestic assault charges.

The Washtenaw County prosecutor’s office knows that if our firm handles the case, then the client is going to be well represented, well defended, and the harder we make them work the better result we get for our clients.

  • Having vast trial experience and an intimate knowledge of Ann Arbor judges allows us to present the most compelling facts to secure you an acquittal if the case proceeds to a jury trial. Picking a favorable jury can without a doubt be the difference between being found guilty or completely exonerated with no blemish on your record. We utilize jury programs such as Voltaire which allows us to examine potential juror’s background at an unprecedented level to determine the best jurors for your given set of facts.
  • Vast experience dealing with every law enforcement department in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County gives us an advantage to know how to highlight flaws in a domestic violence investigation that can be used to your clear advantage. Facts such as poorly or vaguely written police reports with false facts, missing bodycam footage, lack of photographic evidence and police officers and detectives with less than credible career records of violating a suspect’s rights can be critical in securing an acquittal or dismissal on behalf of clients.
  • With an office located in downtown Ann Arbor we are always available to see our clients face to face in preparation of their defense.

What if the Alleged Victim Wants to Drops the Charges in Ann Arbor?

Unfortunately, it is up to the prosecutor’s office whether to pursue charges, not the alleged victim. In Ann Arbor, the prosecutor’s office has proven too often to be particularly zealous when prosecuting domestic assault cases and is typically unwilling to drop domestic violence charges even when a complaining witness recants their allegations against the suspect.

At this stage of the criminal proceedings, it is strategically important to lift any no contact order to get you back in your house and visiting your children as soon as possible. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s office will try to pressure defendants to make a plea deal before lifting the no contact order. We fight the no contact bond provision before potentially resolving your case and have been successful in convincing the judge to drop the no contact provision to get you back in your home. This is a critical component, because these cases can go on for three to six months, or even longer. When children or loved ones are involved, having a no contact bond provision provides undue hardship on family members.

Our Proven Approach to Getting Domestic Assault Charges Dismissed in Ann Arbor

Domestic Assault should be defended on the basis of the description of the allegations. In the great majority of cases the male participant is charged for any altercation. If you are involved in a domestic assault situation, then the best course of action is to maintain your innocence by claiming that you did not do anything wrong and did not lay a hand on the alleged victim or not make a statement about what allegedly transpired at all to the police. State that you wish to cooperate fully, but that you need to speak with your lawyer. The unfortunate reality is that while not all police officers lie; many will and embellish and exaggerate to construct a narrative. You want to make sure and try to determine if the police officer has a body cam, and we will gather the body cam evidence to ensure the truth is brought to light. We will aggressively pursue all evidence relevant to your exoneration.

It is important to look at the physicality of the crime to determine bruising, marks, or other injuries, but often there are no indications of any abuse at all. There are extreme circumstances where the injuries of the alleged victim are self-inflicted. In such a serious set of circumstances it may be necessary to have doctors and experts who are trained to tell if the ages of the bruises or marks are inconsistent with the physicality of what the alleged victim is saying. Our position is that we take every domestic assault case with the intent to get it dismissed. If the case is not going to be dismissed, the next step is to keep it off the clients record and make sure he or she stays out of jail if the case is not defendable. We are looking at the evidence and the physicality of the crime and matching up if the accuser’s allegations are inconsistent with the evidence.

What Are the Differences Between Domestic Violence 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree if Charged in Ann Arbor?

The primary differences between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree offenses are the number of prior convictions and the potential ramifications that may be incurred. If you have previously been convicted of domestic violence, the stakes are higher because you have a prior conviction, and we understand that. The strategies are not necessarily different, but the enhancements cause more serious ramifications.

A first offense domestic violence is a misdemeanor which can result in up to 93 days in jail. A second-degree domestic violence is also a misdemeanor which can result in up to a year in jail, and may be charged if there is a single prior offense. A third-degree domestic violence may result in a felony and up to five years in jail, and may be charged if there are two or more prior domestic violence offences.

If a second or third degree charge is brought, then we try to reduce it to a non-assaultive offense. Our goal is to beat the charges, or to reduce them to a non-assaultive offense if we have to plea bargain. Again, our goal is not to plea bargain, our reputation is that of criminal trial attorneys that will take the case all the way through a jury trial if necessary.

Plea bargaining is a last resort, and we are going to work to keep the felony or assault off of your record. If the facts and circumstances dictate that plea bargaining may be necessary, then this is where experience is essential to know how hard to push. If a case is resolved short of trial we have the expertise to present you or a loved one in the most favorable light to ensure a lenient disposition. Perhaps alcohol or medications made you act out of character. We know how to present these mitigating circumstances to the court to keep you out of jail and get you or a loved one the potential help you need to get on with your life.

Collateral Nuisances of Gun Rights and Immigration Concerns to Domestic Violence

A collateral nuisance to domestic assault charges are your gun rights or immigration concerns. A domestic assault conviction can result in a loss of gun rights and affect your concealed carry privileges. Domestic assault charges are not only about staying out of jail and keeping the domestic assault charge off your record, but also protecting and maintaining your gun rights.

If you are charged with domestic assault and you are not a U.S. Citizen, then it can have immigration ramifications. We have had many cases from international students attending the University of Michigan where we consult with immigration attorneys when necessary, to ensure that your immigration rights are not affected by domestic assault violations.

We are going to work to ensure these charges stay off your record and none of any of your rights are prejudiced by this allegation. We cover every aspect to protect your future and make sure that this matter will not prejudice on your future in any way.

We are available to help 24/7 to set up an appointment at our Ann Arbor law office so always feel free to contact our firm at 734-845-4330 for a free confidential consultation. Grabel & Associates looks forward to putting your domestic violence situation in the past.

Client Reviews

If you are reading these reviews you are about to make a decision that will have a large impact on the rest of your life. I choose Grabel and Associates to represent me in my case and I could not have been more satisfied with the level of professionalism and dedication to their clients. I had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple lawyers in the practice all of which showcased a vast knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the legal system. When you choose Scott Grabel to represent you will open yourself up to all of his resources. Depending on your case Grabel knows experts in all fields. I worked with polygraph examiners, investigators, and forensics experts. Grabel and Associates will defend without prejudice of innocence or guilt. Scott Grabel was able to lead me through every step of the process with great communication the whole way. I would recommend Scott Grabel and Associates to my friends, family and anyone who is in need of representation. B. A.
Best attorney in state of Michigan. Caring and a true friend. Scott was with us every step of the way. He fought for a great injustice for our son and was able to provide an outcome that gave his life back. L. A.
Scott and his firm did an awesome job representing a family member of mine, I would highly recommend him and his firm! They were extremely reliable, trustworthy and very informative and did a great job with the case. I couldn't be happier with the results that we received, I can't speak highly enough about the great job he did. If you are thinking about using his firm, I would highly recommend, I would definitely use his firm again if needed, he is an a great attorney with a great firm, you won't be disappointed! M. F.