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Criminal Motions and Appeals Lawyer in Detroit and Throughout Wayne County, MI Defending Post-Conviction Clients

After a criminal conviction in Detroit, it may seem as if you have run out of options. Working with an experienced post-conviction criminal defense lawyer will allow you to keep fighting for a just case result, and our appeals attorneys can help you review every available motion and appeal option you have. Our Detroit post-conviction lawyers have the experience needed to help you clear your record and earn back your freedom, and will do everything possible to aggressively fight for your rights. It is extremely difficult to win a criminal appeal in Michigan, and only by working with the best possible attorney can you be sure you take the legal actions that provide you the optimal chance of success.

Contact Grabel & Associates right away if you have been convicted of a criminal offense in the Detroit metro area. After a wrongful conviction or unusually harsh sentence, there are legal actions you can take to fight for a better case result. Our experienced post-trial attorneys have been defending clients in motions and appeals cases for over a decade, and have worked in criminal courts throughout the state of Michigan. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer, as post-conviction cases are very time sensitive. Our team will help you make sure you meet all deadlines and properly prepare your post-conviction case so that you have the best chance at improving your case results.

If you have been convicted of a crime, or if your loved one is in jail after a harsh conviction, contact our firm right away. Our aggressive Wayne County defense lawyers will immediately begin defending your rights and fighting for your freedom.

Michigan Post-Conviction Motions and Appeals Lawyer

Never assume that your legal battle is over after a jury or judge has found you guilty of a crime. Withheld evidence, jury or judge bias, prosecutor misconduct, or other factors can give you the opportunity to seek a new trial, sentence appeal, or other post-conviction relief. Our lawyers will help you work through the legal issues affecting your case so that you are able to determine the best actions to take throughout every stage of your case.

Founding attorney Scott Grabel began his career working in the Michigan Court of Appeals, and over the last decade has worked in some of the most complex and difficult Michigan appellate cases. No matter what the specifics of your unique case, our team is available now to provide you with a free consultation and to answer any legal questions you may have. Without a lawyer, you may face unnecessary jail time, fines, and a criminal record, and our attorneys will work to ensure you do not suffer from unjustly harsh penalties.

Expunge a Criminal Record in Detroit

Our lawyers know how a misdemeanor or felony conviction can affect your life, and will work with you to determine when and how you can seek an expunged criminal record. Our criminal defense team knows what it takes to clear your name after a conviction, and will provide you with detailed advice concerning the actions you need to take throughout your battle for freedom. A criminal record can continue to prevent you from working, going to school, getting a job, or living where you want to, long after you have served other penalties set by the court. Our team wants you to escape the constraints of a damaging record as soon as you possibly can.

Our Approach to Misdemeanor and Felony Post-Conviction Cases

At Grabel & Associates, we care about our clients and know how a conviction can change a person’s life. Our team is committed to objective, aggressive defense in criminal cases, and will work to help you fight back against overzealous prosecutors and judges no matter what charges you face. Working with a Detroit post-conviction lawyer will allow you to set attainable legal goals, and we can set you up with the tools you need to achieve those goals in your post-trial case.

Contact our criminal defense firm now for aggressive defense. Our attorneys will provide you with a free consultation so that we can begin preparing an individualized criminal defense strategy unique to the specific situation you are facing.

Contact Scott Grabel Detroit Post-Conviction Attorney

Call our firm immediately, toll free at 1-800-342-7896 to speak with a case analyst for free. If you aren’t able to call, contact our firm online. We are available 24/7 because we know how time-sensitive cases can be. Contact us now and begin fighting for a better case result.

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