Detroit Child Molestation and Sexual Abuse

All sex crime cases are very sensitive and are taken seriously by police and prosecutors throughout the greater Detroit area, but when a sexual abuse case involves a child, it becomes even more of a concern. Unfortunately, false allegations regularly occur, and without experienced defense attorneys to help the wrongly accused prove their innocence, many of Detroit’s accused would be wrongly convicted. In child molestation cases there is so much on the line, including jail time, sex offender registration, and even just the danger of convicting the wrong person while a serial molester goes free. It is crucial that anyone who has been falsely accused of child molestation, or anyone who has a loved one facing false charges for sexual abuse, get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Michigan right away. Our sex crime defense lawyers in Detroit are always available to begin working with clients statewide, and we know what it takes to fight back against felony sex crime conviction in Michigan.

Qualified trial lawyer Scott Grabel will work alongside the rest of our highly talented team to craft an approach tailored to the unique situations and legal issues in play in your specific case. For well over a decade, our individualized defense tactics have been helping clients achieve exceptional case results, and our attorneys know what it takes to protect your best interests as you fight back against police and prosecutors who will be trying to put you behind bars before you have a chance to complicate their case with your side of the story. Let your voice be heard and ensure you have every opportunity to point out flaws in the prosecution’s case. Work with Grabel & Associates in Detroit now and work towards a favorable case outcome.

Child Molestation and Sexual Abuse Charges in Detroit, MI

There are a number of sex crime charges which can be committed against minors, leading to child molestation or abuse accusations. While the most serious in Criminal Sexual Conduct, or CSC, other charges such as child pornography accusations, statutory rape charges, or even allegations of indecent exposure can also lead to extremely serious criminal penalties.

The specific laws surrounding child molestation or sexual abuse charges will largely determine the penalties faced by an offender. For Criminal Sexual Conduct charges, which occur in any case involving sexual contact or penetration with a minor under the age of consent, there are four degrees of offense, each very serious. 1st degree results in cases involving sexual penetration with a minor under 13, or penetration with a minor under 16 combined with extenuating circumstances such as familial relation or student-teacher relationship. 2nd degree CSC charges result under the same circumstances, the only difference being that only sexual contact, and not penetration, must have occurred. All other sexual penetration with a minor under 16 can lead to 3rd degree CSC charges, while 4th degree charges can result in any case involving sexual contact with a minor under the age of 16.

No matter what the specifics of your case, it is critical that you contact a Detroit sex crime defense lawyer now. Our team is available 24/7 for clients statewide.

Criminal Penalties for Detroit Child Molestation and Sexual Abuse

If convicted of 1st degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, a defendant will face life behind bars. 2nd degree CSC can lead to 15 years in prison, combined with lifetime electronic monitoring. 3rd degree CSC can also lead to 15 years behind bars. A 4th degree charge could lead to up to 2 years behind bars along with a fine. Other sexual assault charges can result in similarly serious penalties, and it is critical that anyone who is facing a charge of sex with a minor or any other sex crime charge get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Approach to Detroit Child Sex Crime Defense

No matter what the specifics of your case, our team is ready to begin helping you right now. Don’t speak to police before you are able to get in touch with an experienced defense lawyer who can guide you through what to say and do in order to avoid conviction. Our experienced team knows what it takes to help you prove your innocence, and is dedicated to putting in the time and effort necessary to guide you to an exceptional case outcome.

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