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Even if sexual penetration does not occur, serious criminal penalties can result from any sexual contact. If you have been accused of engaging in illegal sexual contact with another person, speak with an Ann Arbor criminal sexual conduct attorney immediately. A lengthy jail term, lifetime monitoring, and other harsh punishment may result, which could be avoidable if you act quickly to secure a skilled defender. Grabel & Associates has worked in thousands of criminal cases over the past decade, and we know what it takes to pursue client’s best interests both inside and outside the courtroom.

Work with our Ann Arbor sex crimes defense law firm if you or someone you care about is accused of a sex offense. We will aggressively fight to protect your constitutional rights while defending your freedom. While police and prosecutors work to build a case against you, we will ensure you have every opportunity to present your side of the story. Having an attorney on your side may be the best step you take throughout your legal battle, as knowing what to say and do when faced with criminal charges is essential to obtaining the best available outcome. Our team is ready now to begin working with you and can be reached 24/7 for a free consultation.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree Felony (750.520c) in Ann Arbor

Like first degree CSC charges, certain conditions apply in order for a person to be convicted. However, first degree CSC charges require that penetration occur, while second degree charges can result from any sexual contact. Contact an attorney if you have been accused of sexual contact with a person accompanying any of the following conditions:

  • the other person is under 13
  • the other person is under 16 and a relative, member of your household, or a person under your authority
  • the other person is a student under 16 and you are a teacher, substitute, or administrator in his or her school
  • the other person is a student under 16 and you are an employee, volunteer, or contractor of the school or district who uses that status to gain access to the other person
  • sexual contact occurs along with the commission of another felony offense
  • the alleged actor is aided by one or more persons while knowing that the other person is physically helpless, mentally incapacitated, or mentally incapable
  • the alleged actor is aided by one or more others and uses force or coercion, including weapons, injury, and threats
  • the two persons are related or the alleged actor is in a position of authority and the alleged victim is mentally incapable or physically helpless
  • the alleged actor works for the department of corrections which has jurisdiction over the other person

Contact our team to learn more about the situations that can result in CSC 2 charges, and how to best defend against conviction.

Criminal Penalty for a CSC Felony Sex Crime Conviction in Michigan

If convicted of second degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, a person will face up to 15 years in prison. If the alleged victim was under 13, lifetime monitoring will be included in the sentence along with prison time. Contact Grabel & Associates now for aggressive defense in your sex crime case.

Our Approach to MI 2nd Degree CSC Defense

There are a number of details in sex crime cases which could help you achieve a better case result, including errors with evidence collection or transportation, improper questioning, eyewitness testimony inconsistencies, and more. Under the direction of founding attorney Scott Grabel, our team will work to expose any errors in the prosecution’s case and help you pursue your best interests throughout pre-file, trial, and even post-conviction stages of the judicial process.

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