Cost of a DUI in Lansing

Though anyone charged with Operating While Intoxicated has most likely already begun to experience some of the emotional and financial toll a DUI investigation and trial can take, there are many considerations that defendants fail to properly prepare for when facing drunk driving charges. Bail costs, court fees, fines, and attorney costs are often some of the first financial burdens faced, but lost time, revocation of driving privileges, loss of work, and other harsh penalties often follow.

Emotional and Financial Costs of Fighting a DUI Charge

By working with an experienced attorney as soon as you can, you can seek to minimize the toll a DUI conviction can have by working towards a favorable case outcome. Our Lansing DUI attorneys are committed to providing the best defense possible to clients, and know what it takes to win in even the most complex legal situations. Contact a member of our experienced team now and begin fighting to protect your future. With such harsh potential penalties on the line, you need to do all you can to defend against overzealous police and prosecutors by hiring an attorney who will protect your best interests and help you achieve your legal goals.

Our lawyers have been defending Lansing’s accused for over 10 years, and under the direction of experienced trial attorney Scott Grabel, our team has earned a reputation as a top-level DUI defense firm. Contact us immediately for a free case analysis and learn more about our effective defense approach and how it could help you in your uniquely important case.

Financial Considerations in a Lansing OWI Case

Potential costs you could face after a DUI accusation include:

  • Bail: $100 to $5,000, though this may be returned if you attend all scheduled court appearances on time.
  • Vehicle impound costs and towing fees: Around $200-$300.
  • DUI attorney fees: ranging from $200 and up to simply enter a guilty plea to $25,000 or more to fight a DUI charge. Most attorneys charge between a few thousand dollars and $10,000 to help you beat an OWI/DUI.

If convicted, you could face additional costs, including:

  • DUI schooling and counseling: $200 for counseling and $50 per class.
  • Driver’s license restoration: $500 plus attorney fees.
  • Fines: $100 to $5,000.
  • Property damage costs.
  • IID installation: $200+
  • IID rental: $100 monthly fee.
  • High-risk auto insurance: $1,500 or more additional annually.

Other costs that are more difficult to calculate include time off from work, potential loss of employment, and other costs incurred by fighting a wrongful DUI accusation.

Emotional Costs and Time Lost in Lansing DUI Cases

There will be significant amounts of stress involved in fighting a drunk driving charge, no matter how little a criminal accusation worries you initially. The threat of jail time, fines, the loss of your driving privileges, the loss of your job, and other detrimental effects can take its toll, though some of this stress can be alleviated by working with a lawyer who can help you take control of your legal situation and your future.

In addition, though you are guaranteed a swift trial, the DUI defense process can take months, and the penalties you face could last years. Your life will be drastically affected, especially if you are convicted, and our attorneys are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you avoid serious punishment after a DUI accusation in Lansing. Contact us now and minimize the damage a drunk driving charge can have on your life. We are always available to speak with clients statewide and begin working together to fight back against criminal allegations.

Our Approach to Misdemeanor and Felony Drunk Driving Charges

While it may initially seem expensive to fight a DUI charge, working with a good attorney will save you unthinkable amounts of money in the future as you avoid some of the penalties that could result from a criminal conviction and misdemeanor or felony record. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates have experience working with clients in DUI, OWI, OWVI, OUIL, DWI, and all other drunk driving cases, and are committed to providing top quality, individualized defense throughout every stage of the criminal justice process. Begin your battle for a just outcome now by contacting our firm for a free case consultation. We are ready to start applying our proven strategies to your unique case.

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