Clinton Township Internet Sex Crimes

As the Internet has become a tool for connecting people, certain situations have presented themselves, which have led to legislation regarding acceptable online sexual conduct. These laws are constantly changing as more unique cases appear in courts statewide, and many people who are accused of an internet sex crime in Clinton don’t even realize they have done anything wrong. It is crucial that you speak with a qualified Clinton, MI sex crimes defense lawyer right away if you or a loved one is accused of committing any sex crime charge, including internet sex crime charges such as:

  • Sexting
  • Soliciting a Minor (Chat Room, Social Media, etc.)
  • Child Pornography/Child Abusive Activity Possession, Distribution, or Manufacture
  • Illicit Use of Pornographic Materials
  • Lewd Conduct
  • Indecent Exposure (Webcam or Video Streaming)

Under the guidance of experienced trial lawyer Scott Grabel, our talented lawyers will fight to protect your constitutional rights and help you work towards defending your freedom throughout your case. We know the tactics that work in internet sex crime cases, and will do all we can to protect you as you battle back against aggressive police and prosecutors who want to see you convicted of a sex crime in Clinton and sentenced to jail time and other serious penalties. Don’t settle for anything less than the best possible attorney when you have so much on the line. Call Grabel & Associates now and let our highly-rated team begin answering your legal questions and guiding you through the steps you need to take to win your internet sex crime case.

Soliciting a Minor for Sex on the Internet

If you entice a minor, offer sex in exchange for money, goods, or services, or if you solicit a prostitute online, you can be charged with solicitation, which is a serious misdemeanor or felony charge, dependent on the specifics of your case. Clinton solicitation charges can lead to extremely serious criminal penalties, and anyone who is accused of soliciting a minor or a prostitute via email, instant messaging, social media, chat rooms, or any other online means should contact an attorney right away.

Indecent Exposure on the Internet

Exposing yourself via webcam chat, an online stream, or other online methods, can be considered public obscene exposure, and you could face harsh penalties including years in jail, fines, and a criminal record. Contact our Clinton sex crime defense firm now to find out more about how to win an indecent exposure case in Clinton after you are accused of knowingly making open exposure of your person.

Child Pornography Charges

Among the most serious charges a person can face, and likely the most serious internet sex crimes a person can be accused of is anything involving child sexually abusive materials, including images, video, and other pornographic content. If you are accused of accessing, possessing, uploading, downloading, distributing, financing, or otherwise supporting child sexually abusive materials, you can be sentenced to up to 20 years behind bars and a fine of $100,000. Always speak with a lawyer before taking any action in your internet sex crime case so that you can ensure you have given yourself the best opportunity to regain your freedom after a damaging accusation.

Our Approach to Clinton Township, MI Internet Sex Crime Charges

Whether it is a chat room, cell phone, social media site, email message, or any other means, committing a sex crime is just as illegal online as it would be offline in the real world. Fortunately, those who have been wrongly accused of excessively charged with an offense in Clinton, MI can work with a qualified legal representative and fight back against life-altering penalties. For over a decade our firm has been assisting clients in even the most difficult sex crime cases, and our proven results show why clients statewide trust us to deliver the best possible defense in any criminal case. Contact our firm now and benefit from years of knowledge and hands-on experienced in the Clinton, Michigan court system. We are always available to begin working with you in your Internet sex crime case.

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