Breathalyzer/BAC Test in Clinton Township

Because most DUI cases rely heavily on bodily alcohol content tests, challenging the results of these tests may be critical to obtaining a great case outcome. Working with a DUI lawyer in Clinton who not only understands DUI defense tactics, but who has experience working in cases involving BAC technology, will be a difference-maker in your case, and Grabel & Associates is committed to keeping all members of our DUI defense team up to date when it comes to BAC technology and the ways these tests can result in false positive results. Contact trial attorney Scott Grabel or another member of our highly qualified team now for a free initial case analysis, and start working to challenge violations of your rights and police mistakes.

Bodily alcohol content, or blood alcohol content, is a key piece of evidence in both misdemeanor and felony OWI cases; however these tests are not always reliable, and are especially susceptible to human error. Over the past decade and more, our team has seen countless cases involving BAC evidence that can be challenged, and our lawyers know how to help clients achieve an exceptional case outcome by fighting false accusations.

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Types of Breathalyzer Tests

While blood tests and urine tests are sometimes used in intoxicated driving cases, Breathalyzer tests are most commonly used in DUI investigations. Many Breathalyzer tests work by producing a color change following a chemical reaction in the machine’s chamber. Others utilize infrared technology to detect the amount of alcohol in a breath sample. Others use a chemical reaction in a fuel cell to detect alcohol.

All BAC tests need to be properly calibrated and maintained, and this is one of the reasons roadside tests are notoriously unreliable. While stationary tests performed back at a police station can produce somewhat more reliable results, it is still essential to contact an attorney who can review the details of your specific situation.

If you can prove that the Breathalyzer test police utilized was not properly administered, calibrated, serviced, or maintained, the results may be inadmissible in court, which could tear apart the prosecution’s case. Working with a lawyer may allow you to defeat the charges you face just by challenging certain aspects of the breath test.

Clinton Township BAC Test Mistakes

There are a number of errors that can be made when administering a BAC test, which can affect the results of the test. First, the police officer administering the test must have proper licensing to administer the test, and must ensure the machine has been calibrated and maintained correctly. Officers must also account for mouth alcohol, and understand that even when a test is properly administrated, a wide range of results is possible.

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Refusing a BAC Test in Clinton, Michigan

Because a BAC test can lead to criminal charges, and since they are unreliable in so many cases, many people think they should just refuse to take the test and take their chances in court. This is almost never a good idea, because you can face additional penalties for refusing a BAC test, and can still be charged, since refusing a test appears to be an admission of guilt in many cases.

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Our Approach to BAC Test Defense

Our lawyers are committed to understanding the unique issues you are facing and will develop a case-specific defense approach after thoroughly reviewing your situation. Our lawyers are constantly learning about new BAC technologies and have experience exposing the errors made by police and prosecutors in DUI cases relying on breathalyzer tests. Our proven results display some of the cases in which we have been able to achieve excellent outcomes for clients by challenging evidence, and we are ready to use similarly aggressive defense strategies in your case.

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