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In need of an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight criminal charges in Branch County? Contact the lawyers at Grabel & Associates for prompt attention and effective results.

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Our law firm has years of experience representing Branch County residents facing criminal charges, including gang violence, weapons charges, theft and property crimes, DUIs, homicide and all other types of Michigan criminal charges.

What does this mean for you? That we know what it takes to get your charges reduced or dismissed. By carefully listening to the facts and circumstances surrounding each of our client’s situations, we are able to craft an aggressive defense strategy to achieve the most favorable result in your case.

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The Branch County criminal defense lawyers at the law firm of Grabel & Associates recognize that many times when charged with a Michigan crime, not only do you face stiff penalties and potential jail time, but also risk damaging your reputation. We understand the need for quick action and the need for an immediate defense in areas such as:

  • Sex Crimes: We will work to keep your name off the sex crimes registry.
  • DUI/OUI: Our attorneys will help you keep or restore your driver’s license.
  • Drug Crimes: The lawyers at Grabel & Associates will help keep you out of jail.
  • Domestic Abuse: Our criminal defense law firm has helped ensure Branch County residents are not restricted from seeing their loved ones.
  • Juvenile Crimes: We have worked with many teens to keep their cases in juvenile court and keep charges off their permanent record.

The Branch County criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates can help you.

Branch County Criminal Cases Courthouse Information

Generally, misdemeanor cases that are not punishable by more than one year are handled in the Branch County District Court. Preliminary examinations in felony cases are also heard in the Branch County District Court. The Branch County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felony cases and criminal appeals. The Branch County Circuit and District Courts are located in Coldwater, Michigan, at:

Branch County Courthouse
31 Division Street
Coldwater, Michigan 49036

The Branch County criminal defense attorneys at Grabel and Associates have years of experience defending people charged of crimes in the Branch County court system and have earned the respect of judges, their clients, and their peers as a result of their commitment to excellence, aggressive defense, and compassionate advocacy.

In the event a conviction is unavoidable, we have worked to ensure fair and just sentencing and have helped clients in Branch County and throughout Michigan appeal their convictions and reduce the impact on their future.

When you need someone to fight for you, contact Grabel & Associates, to protect your rights and your future.