Auto Theft in Detroit

Anyone who has been accused of stealing a motor vehicle or unlawfully driving a vehicle without permission will need to get in touch with a Detroit auto theft defense lawyer as soon as possible. Wayne County’s auto theft laws cover a multitude of offenses, and even though auto theft cases are some of the more common theft related offenses committed in the state, the specific legislation surrounding an alleged offense can often be complex and difficult to understand. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates have years of experience working with clients in cases of theft of a motor vehicle, unlawfully driving away an automobile, carjacking, joyriding, and more, and we have what it takes to represent your best interests throughout every stage of a misdemeanor or felony case. Contact our Detroit theft crimes attorneys now to learn more about our proven strategies, which have been tested in countless past theft and property crime cases statewide. Our team is prepared to begin aggressively defending clients who are facing charges of all kinds, and we are committed to always being available for Detroit’s falsely accused.

Founding attorney Scott Grabel, who has been working with clients in the Michigan criminal defense system for over 10 years, can immediately provide you with a free initial case consultation and begin answering questions you may have about your auto theft case as soon as you call or contact us online. Along with the rest of our recognized team, Mr. Grabel has a proven ability to guide clients to exceptional case results. Begin working with our firm as soon as you can and let us guide you through the steps you need to be taking in order to protect your freedom and your future.

UDAA Charges in Detroit – Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile Defense Lawyer

As soon as you drive a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you, you are at risk to face criminal charges. Even if the prosecution cannot prove that you intended to steal the vehicle, or if it is clear you had no intention of depriving the owner of his or her property, motor vehicle theft laws include what is referred to as UDAA, or unlawfully driving away an automobile. Even without intent to steal, conviction can lead to a felony record and serious penalties.

If convicted of UDAA without intent to steal, an offender can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, along with a fine of up to $1,500. Additionally, any other offenses which took place during the commission of the crime, such as larceny from a vehicle, assault, battery, or property damage, can lead to additional penalties. It is critically important that anyone who has been accused of or investigated for UDAA contact an experienced lawyer right away, no matter what the specifics of the case. UDAA charges in Detroit should always be taken seriously, and need to be handled by a qualified defense lawyer. Grabel & Associates is available 24/7 to begin working with you or your loved one.

Auto Theft Charges in Detroit – Wayne County Grand Theft Auto Defense

In many states, auto theft is often referred to as “grand theft auto” since the value of a vehicle often meets the requirements for the title of “grand theft.” In Detroit, auto theft is simply defined as taking possession and driving away a vehicle with intent to steal. Auto theft can lead to up to 5 years behind bars, possible fines or restitution based on the value of the vehicle, and a felony record. If convicted of a felony, it is difficult to get loans, move, travel, or do many other things that most people take for granted. This is another reason why it is so vital that you work with the best attorney possible to protect against auto theft conviction.

Our Approach to Motor Vehicle Theft Defense in Detroit

At Grabel & Associates, our team knows how serious auto theft charges of all kinds are, and we are committed to helping clients utilize their rights and protect their freedom throughout every stage of their legal battles. We have worked with misdemeanor and felony offenders, repeat offenders, juvenile offenders, and more, and have the experience needed to counsel you through every action you need to take as you work through the details of your case.

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