Assault With Intent to Commit Murder in Kalamazoo

Obviously all violent crimes are taken extremely seriously, but when the intent to kill another individual is involved, these offenses are escalated to a far higher level. Assault with intent to murder in Kalamazoo is an extremely harsh charge, and if you or someone you love is faced with an assault with intent investigation or charge, you need to fight back against conviction and the extremely serious penalties that could be on the line. The Grabel & Associates team is prepared to do anything needed to get you a favorable result in your Kalamazoo assault with intent to commit murder case, and we are ready right now to start putting in the hard work required to protect your rights and defend your freedom. Call our toll free hotline now and learn more about the steps you need to take right now to protect yourself as you prepare for the rest of your case, and the possibility of trial. Our lawyers can help you understand the legal issues that are applicable in your case, as well as what strategies will be effective in your case. Contact our firm now to learn more – we are available 24/7.

Scott Grabel founded Grabel & Associates over 15 years ago, and has remained continuously committed to providing top-level defense to clients in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Kalamazoo and statewide. Whatever the unique details of your case, there is always a benefit to getting in touch with a qualified trial lawyer as soon as possible. Police and prosecutors often build their cases early on, and if they can’t get what they need, your chances of never going to trial greatly improve. Additionally, the more protected you are throughout the initial investigation, the better you set yourself up for success no matter what happens in your case.

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Kalamazoo Assault With Intent to Commit Murder

Some laws go into great detail about what exactly is involved in a particular offense, but Section 750.83, which deals with assault with intent to commit murder, is fairly basic. It reads that anyone who commits the crime of assault, with intent to murder, is guilty of a felony. However just what is meant by “intent” can sometimes be unclear, and difficult for the prosecution to prove.

The Grabel & Associates team will work with you to establish exactly what is going on in your case, and what steps you will need to take in order to be successful. Felony assault cases are never easy, and with such serious penalties at stake due to intent to murder allegations, it is essential that you do whatever you can to fight back throughout every stage of the defense process. Contact our firm now to begin working with a criminal defense lawyer who knows what it takes to get you a great result in your Kalamazoo case. We are always ready to begin working with clients statewide.

Criminal Penalties for Kalamazoo Assault With Intent

If you are convicted of assaulting another person with intent to commit the crime of murder, up to life behind bars will be on the line, and it will be up to the court completely to decide how long you will spend in jail. With such a devastatingly severe sentence at stake, it is crucial that you do all you can to battle back against police and prosecutors and avoid conviction.

Our lawyers know that with your entire future up in the air, it can be extremely stressful having to deal with police questioning and prosecutor’s attempts to put you away for life. Know that you don’t have to go it alone – our team is always available to begin helping you. Put your freedom in the hands of a skilled lawyer who is able to provide you with the unique defense strategy you need to achieve a beneficial outcome in your case. Scott Grabel consistently leads clients to great results, and is recognized as a leading defense lawyer because no matter how serious the charges, he can get you a great result. Why wait to get in touch? – Our team is ready to begin defending you now.

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