Assault With Intent to Commit Murder in Clinton Township

Likely the most serious assault-related charge a person can be accused of, assault with intent to commit murder charges should always be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you or your loved one has been accused of assault with intent or another attempted murder charge, you need to act fast to secure exceptional representation as police and prosecutors are likely already working to build a case against you. Grabel & Associates is a firm recognized for a high-level ability to secure the best possible case outcomes for clients in assault, battery, and other violent crime cases. We have protected countless past clients from wrongful conviction, and know what you need to do to secure a case dismissal, reduced charge, lighter sentence, or other favorable result. Don’t take any action in your case before you contact a member of our highly rated team. Our Clinton Township violent crimes defense team is available now for clients statewide.

With Grabel & Associates on your side, you will receive premier guidance throughout every stage of the criminal defense process. From investigation to bargaining and through to a potential trial, our lawyers will walk you through what to say and do to protect your rights and defend your future. With potentially life-altering penalties on the line, it is essential that you don’t settle for anything other than the best possible lawyer. Our team has proven skill in assault with intent cases in Clinton, and our past clients will tell you the value that our attorneys have in felony criminal cases. Contact our firm right now for a free initial case consultation by phone or online and start working towards a great case outcome. We are available 24/7 and will start fighting for your freedom right away.

Assault With Intent to Commit Murder Defense

Felony assault charges include assault with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, and assault with intent to commit murder. Of all these extremely serious charges, assault with intent to commit murder is by far the most severe. If convicted, you could spend the rest of your life behind bars, and it is absolutely critical that you do everything you can to fight back against conviction. Any criminal offense involving intent to murder or attempted murder is viewed extremely harshly by Michigan lawmakers and judges, and you will need an extremely talented attorney to help you overcome felony conviction and the penalties that could result from an assault conviction. Grabel & Associates has the tools needed to protect you and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you fight back throughout every stage of your case.

Contact Scott Grabel or another member of our team now, and benefit from over a year of experience protecting clients statewide in tough felony cases. We are ready to fight for your freedom and future no matter what the specifics of your case may be.

Criminal Penalties

According to Section 750.83 of the Michigan Penal Code, any person who is found guilty of assault with intent to commit murder can face up to life imprisonment, along with a felony criminal record. At the discretion of the Clinton court and judge you face, any number of years in jail can result from an assault with intent conviction, which is why it is critical to work with an attorney in any case. We can not only help you fight to avoid conviction, but to improve your case outcome in situations where a case dismissal or court victory is not an option.

Our Approach

Our proven results show why our attorneys’ dedication to providing individualized defense strategies in every case is so highly valued by clients statewide. We are ready to begin working with you or your loved one now, and will not rest until everything has been done to help you avoid wrongful conviction or excessive criminal penalties in your case. Contact our firm now for a free initial case analysis and begin working towards a favorable case outcome, we are always available for clients in Clinton and statewide.

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