Ann Arbor Marijuana Grow House Attorney

Some of the most serious drug crime penalties can result from cases involving drug cultivation or manufacture. Accusations of operating a marijuana grow house in Ann Arbor are no different, and can lead to extensive jail time and substantial fines. If you need a Michigan marijuana cultivation lawyer, contact Grabel & Associates drug crimes attorney in Ann Arbor now. We know what it takes to achieve favorable case results for clients statewide, and will immediately begin working to protect your rights and defend your freedom. Begin working with a lawyer as soon as you can, as police, state or federal agents and prosecuting attorneys will be looking to find evidence against you, and using aggressive investigative tactics could be able to make a case against you, even if you are innocent. Wrongful conviction in drug crime cases is very possible, and we want to ensure you are not unjustly convicted or excessively sentenced in an Ann Arbor grow-op case. Fight back with Grabel & Associates and protect your future.

For over a decade, our experienced firm has been standing with clients in tough legal battles, and we are recognized as a leader in Ann Arbor criminal defense. When serious criminal penalties are at stake, you need to work with the best possible attorney, and begin your fight for justice as soon as possible, as exception defense in the early stages of a drug cultivation case is essential. Grabel & Associates is available now if you have been charged with growing marijuana in Ann Arbor, and we can answer any legal questions you may have concerning your case right now in a free initial phone consultation. Call or contact us online to begin defending against drug manufacture charges and let us help you avoid wrongful conviction.

Cultivating Marijuana in Ann Arbor

Illegally growing pot in Michigan is a felony offense, and even just a few plants could lead to serious criminal penalties. Michigan legislators seek to punish anyone caught growing pot as if he or she intended to distribute or sell the drugs, even if it was solely for personal, medicinal use, and our lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the wrongly accused in such cases.

In order to effectively defend against a drug crime charge, it is crucial that you understand the specific laws affecting your case and that you work with an attorney who has successfully defended others in similar situations before. Grabel & Associates has the experience and skill needed to help you understand your case and make knowledgeable decisions regarding the legal actions you want to take. Contact us immediately to find out more about drug cultivation defense in Michigan grow house cases.

Criminal Penalty for Operating a Grow-op in Michigan

If you are convicted of drug cultivation, the penalties you will face are very serious. Cultivating less than 20 plants or 5 kilos of pot can lead to up to 4 years in prison and a fine of as much as $20,000. If the amount you are convicted of growing is between 5 and 45 kilograms or 20 and 200 plants, you could be behind bars for 7 years and face a fine of up to half a million dollars. Over 45 kilograms or over 200 plants can lead to up to 15 years in prison and a fine of as much as ten million dollars.

In addition, you could face asset forfeiture, driver’s license revocation, and any other negative effects that come with a felony conviction. No matter what amount you are accused of growing, contact our talented team of attorneys now.

Our Approach to Michigan Grow House Charges

If you have been unjustly accused of a drug crime, you need a lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring you have the opportunity to tell your side of the story. We know how to investigate drug crime cases to prove a client’s innocence, and have been able to achieve favorable decisions and plea bargains for many past clients. Depending on the specifics of your case, we will advise you on defense strategies to prove your innocence, sentencing options which could help you avoid prison time or fines, and other legal remedies which could be beneficial in your unique situation. Our proven results show how effective our team has been in past cases, and we will utilize similar tactics to ensure you receive the best possible result in your case.

Contact Grabel & Associates 24/7 for Drug Crime Defense

Call 1-800-342-7896 to speak with a drug cultivation case analyst, or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation. Ask to speak with trial attorney Scott Grabel, who has over a decade of criminal defense experience. Don’t speak to police before speaking with an attorney, as attempting to prove your innocence could end up hurting your case. We are always available for clients statewide in need of legal representation in any stage of a criminal defense case.