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In cases involving child abuse and neglect, Michigan Child Protective Services often investigates. Although CPS investigation cannot lead to criminal penalties, it is still critical to contact a sex crimes attorney, as the punishment you could face could be even more life changing and could tear your family apart. Contact Grabel & Associates now to speak to an attorney about protecting yourself and your family from false allegations. Our team of experienced CPS attorneys in Ann Arbor knows what it takes to achieve excellent case results, and we will not rest until we have done all we can to prove your innocence and fight the aggressive investigative tactics used by police and CPS agents.

Under the direction of founding attorney Scott Grabel, our experienced team will walk you through what you need to do to protect yourself throughout the complicated legal battle you are about to face. The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more risk you put your family’s future in. While a criminal conviction could damage your reputation and lead to a harsh sentence, the penalties which can result from a CPS investigation may be just as severe. Contact our Ann Arbor child abuse defense firm to overcome false accusations and potentially life altering punishment.

Defense Lawyer for Child Abuse Case in Ann Arbor

Any time that child abuse or neglect accusations arise, CPS gets involved, even if criminal charges are not pursued. Unfortunately, many accusations have ulterior motives, or are fueled by false or manipulated testimony, and innocent people end up losing their parental rights as a result. As soon as you think you may be under investigation for abusing or neglecting a child, get in touch with an attorney who can help you prove your innocence. For over a decade, our skilled lawyers have been protecting families threatened by CPS investigation and criminal charges, and we understand the steps you need to take to defend your rights and fight for your future.

Protect Your Parental Rights from Ann Arbor CPS

When Michigan Child Protective Services investigates an Ann Arbor case, agents will be seeking to find grounds to terminate your right to parent your children. Any and all potential evidence of child abuse or neglect must be reported by teachers, doctors, and other professionals, and the questioning methods and investigative tactics utilized by CPS can sometimes result in your children being taken away before you have a chance to prove your innocence. Don’t let your family be torn apart because of a misunderstanding, fight to expose the truth with Grabel & Associates. We understand how child testimony can be manipulated by those seeking to gather evidence against a parent, and know that it is critical to investigate every angle in a case so that children are not wrongly taken away from loving parents. We also realize how often child abuse and criminal sexual conduct allegations arise during custody battles, and recognize the signs that underlying motivations are driving criminal accusations. Our team of Ann Arbor CPS defense lawyers knows how to protect you from aggressive investigation while also working to expose the truth, giving you an opportunity to tell your side of the story before CPS is able to harm your family. Our firm recognizes the importance of thorough and complete child abuse and neglect investigations, and we know how essential it is that the right people be punished for child abusive crimes. Let our skilled defense attorneys help you fight back against accusers and help you overcome false accusations.

Our Approach to Ann Arbor Child Protective Services Cases

When criminal allegations involve children, it is easy for law enforcement workers and state agents to label anyone who has been accused as guilty. Grabel & Associates is dedicated to defending the wrongly accused, and we know that by providing a comprehensive and individualized defense strategy to Michigan parents who are facing false allegations, wrongful conviction and excessive punishment can be avoided. Oftentimes people feel bullied into confessing, or threatened by the prospect of losing their children forever, and choose to give investigators what they need before speaking with an attorney. Always contact a lawyer before you speak with police or CPS investigators, as we know what you need to say and do to protect your family. We are available 24/7 to begin working with you and will not rest until your freedom has been fully defended.

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To speak with a CPS defense lawyer, call 1-800-342-7896 now or contact our Ann Arbor law firm online. Let us provide you with a free initial case consultation and help you through this difficult period, which may leave you feeling as if everyone is against you. With police, prosecutors, social workers, Child Protective Services, and court experts looking to convict you, our team will stand beside you and protect your rights as well as the right of your family to stay together. Begin your fight for justice as soon as possible – contact our Michigan firm right now to get started.