Prosecutor's Mistakes

When your future and freedom are on the line, the need for an aggressive Michigan criminal defense team that understands key errors and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case is critical. Being able to turn a prosecutor’s weaknesses and errors into your strengths can mean the difference between a conviction and your freedom.

Experienced Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Recognize Key Mistakes Prosecutors Make And Will Use These Errors To Fight Back And Build Your Defense

At the criminal defense law firm of Grabel & Associates, our skilled Michigan criminal defense trial attorneys have years of experience in the courtroom and are trained to recognize prosecutorial errors made in the criminal process both before and at trial. Our breadth of experience provides us the trial skills necessary to know how to take advantage of prosecutorial errors, and how to incorporate those mistakes as part of a vigorous criminal defense strategy.

Our Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Challenge Criminal Law Cases Brought With A Lack Of Evidence

Criminal law is based on the notion that a person is “innocent until proven guilty.” This concept should not be taken lightly—it has very real and significant importance in our criminal justice system. This means that the government has to prove you are guilty. A prosecutor must have enough evidence to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed a crime. It is not up to you to prove your innocence.

If a prosecutor has brought charges against you but can’t prove them beyond a reasonable doubt then an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney may be able to get those charges dismissed.

An Experienced Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Point Out Flaws In The Evidence Collected

In many situations, the evidence that is introduced to allegedly “prove” an individual committed a crime is flawed.

Examples include:

  • Using witness testimony that is biased . In many criminal law cases such as sex crimes, drug crimes and domestic violence, the person making the allegations has an improper motive. For example, a former spouse may accuse another of domestic abuse in order to gain an advantage in custody situations. Or a jilted girlfriend may accuse an ex-boyfriend of sexual assault where the relationship had been consensual. Other times one party stands to gain an economic or social advantage by providing false testimony. An experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer understands the various motives and biases that may influence the veracity of a witness’ testimony and can discredit that testimony through skilled cross-examination.

  • Introducing improper physical evidence. Many times prosecutors try to use evidence at trial that is inadmissible and should not be allowed. Evidence may be disallowed for a number of reasons, including where it has been illegally or improperly obtained such as in violation of your constitutional rights or where the procedure used to collect evidence was flawed.

Other times, the evidence may be tainted or mishandled when collected. Further, in some cases the evidence the prosecution wants to introduce is so misleading or inflammatory that its inclusion will lead to an unfair result.

A skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer can argue against the introduction of improperly obtained evidence either through a motion to suppress or an objection at trial.

With Thorough Investigation Our Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Determine Flaws That Exist In The Prosecution’s Case And Begin Preparing A Vigorous Defense.

One of the biggest mistakes a prosecutor can make is not conducting a thorough investigation. Where an attorney fails to visit the scene of the crime, talk to key witnesses or carefully evaluate the facts of a case, crucial evidence may be missed.

At Grabel & Associates we take pride in our exhaustive investigative techniques. With thorough preparation, the correct use of forensic experts, evidence analysis, and the skill and experience of a strong criminal defense team we have a proven track record of successfully getting all types of criminal charges reduced or eliminated. Our Michigan criminal defense trial team is bolstered by a team of the nation’s most respected experts in such scientific fields as polygraph analysis, DNA analysis, computer forensics, rape trauma analysis, and child forensic protocols. We believe that the best results are achieved through total client commitment and the tireless preparation of your case.

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