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Arrested on a suspicion of DUI in Ogemaw County? Do you need help restoring your driving privileges? Have you recently failed a field sobriety test?

For more than 100 combined years, the experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates have been representing those charged with any drunk driving offense in Ogemaw County and throughout the state of Michigan.

We understand the questions to ask when it comes to drunk driving charges including:

  • Were the breathalyzer tests results flawed?
  • Can the field sobriety or chemical tests be challenged?
  • Did law enforcement follow proper procedures?
  • Was the DUI stop legal?
  • Can the evidence be suppressed?

We Have The Technical Skills And Legal Know-How to Successfully Challenge Drunk Driving Charges In Ogemaw County And Throughout The State

In fact, our Michigan criminal defense team has a proven record in all areas of criminal law including:

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Many times, people under the suspicion of a crime but not yet arrested delay contacting a criminal defense lawyer under the belief that they can beat the charges on their own. Don’t be fooled—police may use this time to gather evidence that may be used to incriminate you. Contact us for our “pre-file” services to protect yourself and possibly even keep charges from being filed in the first place.

Whatever your defense needs, we are here to help.

Ogemaw County Criminal Court Information

The Ogemaw County 82d District Court handles all misdemeanors where punishment does not exceed one year and also conducts preliminary examinations in felony cases. For misdemeanor cases, the district court conducts the arraignment, setting and acceptance of bail, trials and sentencing. Ogemaw County trials and pleas of crimes punishable by more than one year in jail are heard in the 34th Judicial Circuit Court.

The 82 District Court and 34th Judicial Circuit Court are located in West Branch, Michigan, at:

806 W. Houghton Avenue
West Branch, Michigan 48661
Phone: (989) 345-5040

The experienced criminal trial lawyers at Grabel & Associates have successfully represented clients in the Ogemaw County Court system and have earned a reputation statewide as being the “go-to” criminal defense firm when you need skilled and aggressive advocacy.

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