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Are you facing drunk driving charges in Montcalm County, Michigan, and don't know where to turn?

Have you been arrested for a crime you didn't commit?

Is law enforcement investigating your personal Internet activity?

Contact an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer now to stay in front of any potential charges and get the best possible defense.

At Grabel & Associates, we have over 100 years of combined experience representing residents of Montcalm County, Michigan, and throughout the state facing all types of criminal charges, as well as protecting the rights of those under investigation.

We understand that the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and being under investigation or arrested for a crime is stressful. With that in mind we encourage individuals to call our criminal defense team as soon as possible in order to arm themselves with critical knowledge to protect their rights. Hiring a lawyer before an arrest can lead to charges not being filed at all. If you have been arrested, immediate action is necessary to begin preparing your defense.

A Proven Reputation with Proven Results.

With a statewide practice, our criminal defense lawyers have earned a reputation as the go-to firm for anyone facing Michigan criminal charges, and we have the results to back it up.

We have a proven record of success of achieving not guilty verdicts, getting charges reduced or dismissed, and sometimes not even filed in all types of crimes including:

  • Domestic assault: The domestic assault defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates will fight to keep the charges off your record and keep you out of jail.

  • Gang violence: We can help you avoid penalty enhancements for alleged gang involvement.

  • DUI/DWI: Our DUI defense lawyers will fight any drunk driving charges and will protect your driving privileges.

  • Drug charges: Our drug defense attorneys offer sound advice and aggressive representation to keep you or a loved out of jail and avoid a conviction.

  • Juvenile crimes: We understand the importance of keeping juvenile crimes in juvenile court. Our juvenile justice team strives to keep matters involving minors out of adult court and off your permanent record.

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Montcalm County Criminal Court Information

The Montcalm County District and Circuit courts handle all Montcalm County criminal matters. The district court has jurisdiction over all misdemeanors where the penalty is less than one year in jail, and handles all preliminary hearings in felony matters. The circuit court has jurisdiction over all felony matters bound over from district court.

The circuit courthouse and is located in Stanton, Michigan, at:

631 N. State Street
Stanton, Michigan 48888
Phone: (989) 831-7343

The 64B District Courthouse has two locations, one in Stanton and one in Greenfield:

617 N. State St.
Stanton, Michigan 48888
Phone: (989) 831-7450


415 S. Lafayette St.
Greenfield, Michigan 48838
Phone: (616) 754-3212

Our skilled criminal trial lawyers have significant experience representing defendants from all walks of life charged with all types of crimes. We understand what's at stake and are committed to protecting your constitutional rights every step of the way.

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