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Arrested on DUI charges in Marquette County? Need help getting your driving privileges reinstated?

Look no further than the law offices of Grabel & Associates, dedicated to providing aggressive and effective criminal defense representation in Marquette County and throughout Michigan.

We understand the tricks and tactics law enforcement uses to get a conviction. Our skilled criminal trial lawyers fight back with skill and strategy to get the best possible results in your matter. With over 100 combined years of experience—we know what works.

  • Thorough Investigation. Once you retain our criminal defense firm, we will concentrate on preparing the best possible defense in your matter, investigating every fact and legal angle utilizing state of the art legal research, computer technology and forensic evidence.

  • Aggressive Advocacy. We are fighters. We understand the impact any conviction can have on your future and your freedom. Our aggressive criminal defense attorneys will search for every flaw and error in the prosecution’s case and fight to get charges reduced and eliminated.

  • Proven Results. We have the proven track record of success throughout Marquette County and all of Michigan to back up our claims. Our goal is you and achieving the best possible results in your case.

Contact Grabel & Associates so we can achieve the best for you.

Our experienced Marquette criminal defense team has successfully represented clients in all areas of criminal law including:

  • DUI defense: We will fight to ensure you retain your driving privileges.

  • Drug charges: Our goal is to keep a conviction off your record and keep you out of jail.

  • Property and theft crimes: The lawyers at Grabel & Associates will begin investigating immediately to provide the best defense possible.

  • Juvenile crimes: It is important to keep juvenile matters out of adult court. Our juvenile justice team has successfully helped families resolve matters involving minor aged children in juvenile court and kept any charges off their permanent record.

  • Sex charges: Our sex crimes defense lawyers will fight to avoid a conviction and do what it takes to keep your name off the sex crimes registry.

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Marquette County Criminal Court Information

The Marquette County Circuit Court handles felony criminal cases and forfeiture actions, as well as appeals from lower courts, including driver’s license appeals. The district court handles misdemeanors and including arraignment and felony preliminary examinations. Marquette County also has a separate juvenile/family court that handles juvenile charges for those under 17 years-of-age.

All courts are located in Marquette at:

234 W. Baraga Avenue
Marquette, Michigan 48555

The law firm of Grabel & Associates has successfully represented clients in the Marquette County court system, and has earned the respect of judges, clients and their peers throughout the state of Michigan.

If you already have a conviction, we can help.

Under the guidance of trial lawyer Scott Grabel we have successfully appealed state and federal convictions, getting verdicts overturned and sentences reduced.

To speak to a case consultant 24 hours a day, contact our Michigan criminal defense team at 1-800-342-7896.

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