Emmet County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Emmet County Michigan

With over 100 years of combined experience, our track record of proven results makes Grabel & Associates the criminal defense law firm to call when you need help in Emmet County.

Our attorneys pride themselves on getting results for clients and helping individuals and families get their lives back.

We represent people in Emmet County and throughout the state of Michigan in all areas of criminal law, including:

  • Drug charges: When people are under investigation or charged with a drug crime, a first concern is often about going to jail or prison. At Grabel & Associates we have been successful getting charges reduced or dismissed, and when a conviction is unavoidable, we have helped our clients stay out of jail through alternative options such as:
    • Work Release
    • Probation
    • Deferred Sentences
    • Drug Rehab
    • House Arrest
  • Drunk driving: The attorneys at Grabel & Associates will defend you if you have been charged in Emmet County or anywhere in the state of Michigan with a DUI/OUI/OUIL. We have successfully challenged blood tests, field sobriety tests, and the legality of a drunk driving stop. When your license has been suspended or revoked, we can help you get it back.
  • Assault and violent crimes: Our Michigan violent crimes attorneys know what's at stake when you are charged with a violent crime such as homicide/murder, domestic battery, or gang violence. We will employ the best defense strategies tailored to your case analyzing such factors as:
    • Motive
    • Self-defense issues
    • Surrounding circumstances
    • Weapons involved, if any

Because we are familiar with the procedures used by prosecutors throughout the state, we know how to prepare the most effective criminal defense for you.

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Our law firm also provides a full-range of post-conviction services including felony and misdemeanor appeals.

Emmet County Criminal Court Information

The circuit court and the district court have jurisdiction over criminal matters in Emmet County. The Emmet County District Court handles misdemeanor cases that are not punishable by more than one year in jail, as well as preliminary examinations in felony cases, arraignments, setting and acceptances of bail, and trials and sentencing. The Emmet County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felony criminal cases and some serious misdemeanors. The Emmet County 90th District and 57th Circuit Courts are located in Petoskey, at:

Emmet County Building
200 Division Street
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

Our attorneys have handled all types of criminal matters in the Emmet County court system. If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, don't let overzealous law enforcement officers and prosecutors convince you not to fight back. Many times in an effort to make an arrest and a name for themselves, law enforcement officials may violate your constitutional rights and fail to follow proper procedures for collecting evidence. Sometimes their mistakes can be your greatest defense, leading to charges being dismissed or reduced.

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