All Felony and Misdemeanor Conviction Appeals

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a criminal offense in Michigan, you have the right to appeal the conviction and sentence to the highest level. Grabel & Associates has successfully argued and won numerous cases in state and federal appellate courts. You need the best lawyer to continue your fight for freedom after conviction, and Grabel & Associates provides top-quality appeal services for all criminal charges.

State and Federal Appellate Lawyer for Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Throughout Michigan

Renowned attorney Scott Grabel has experience working for the Michigan Court of Appeals, and has been successfully handling state and federal appeals for over a decade. Our qualified team has defended Michigan’s accused in thousands of cases, and we combine for over 100 years of legal experience. Contact an attorney now to start the criminal appeal process.

Grabel & Associates: Michigan Criminal Appeal Lawyers

We offer invaluable guidance and unmatched representation for Michigan clients in criminal cases. We handle criminal appeals for all misdemeanor and felony offenses in state and federal appellate courts, including:

We will work with you and your complex case to build an effective post-conviction defense and help you earn back your freedom. If you need a Michigan appeals lawyer for a sex crime, drug crime, or any other criminal case, contact Grabel & Associates now for great Michigan appeal representation.

Our Acclaimed Approach to Michigan Misdemeanor and Felony Appeals

During your appeal process, you want every aspect of your appellate argument handled by an experienced Michigan attorney, not by legal clerks or office staff. We are dedicated to providing excellent, individualized appeal services to prepare comprehensive arguments for our clients, and you can be sure that your lawyer will handle every detail of your appeal. We utilize state of the art research tools such as Westlaw and cutting-edge computer technology to find the broadest, most up-to-date information databases to prepare for every unique appeal.

You want a lawyer who is committed to criminal defense and successful appeals, not an attorney who will take every case that comes through the door. We practice only Michigan criminal defense, and our experience defending clients in pre-file, trial, and post-conviction stages gives us knowledge of what works in Michigan courts. We know how to win, and our dedication to results will give you an advantage in your Michigan criminal appeal.

If you settled for a second-rate criminal defense lawyer during the pre-file or trial stage of your case, let our premier criminal defense team take over and improve your result. We will relentlessly examine the details of your case and uncover crucial details that will be pivotal during the appeal process. The direction of a seasoned appeals lawyer will be extremely advantageous in fighting for a better result, and our innovative defense tactics are sure to help you in state or federal appellate court.

High-Quality Michigan Appeal Representation

Grabel & Associates is recognized as one of Michigan’s best law firms, and we have earned our renowned status by consistently providing clients with the best results in every stage of the criminal defense process. Our lawyers will not rest until we achieve the best possible result in your criminal case, and our proven results demonstrate some of the great outcomes we have achieved for past clients. Act quickly to fight your Michigan conviction, and take advantage of our effective appeal strategies. If you or a loved one is facing a harsh criminal sentence due to a wrongful conviction, we will aggressively fight to ensure justice is obtained.

Scott Grabel proudly supports the Innocence Project, and our team is dedicated to fighting for true justice in Michigan criminal cases. We believe in the criminal process and proper appellate representation is an important part of the American judicial system. Don’t be discouraged by your initial court result; with Grabel & Associates, a great criminal defense outcome is within reach.

Effective Michigan Appeal Lawyer for State and Federal Appellate Courts

Our attorneys are recognized for their commitment to criminal defense, and we truly care about our client’s case outcomes. We will dedicate ample time to each case we accept to ensure everything possible is done to earn back your freedom. Appeal your conviction or sentence with Grabel & Associates, and obtain a just, fair result.

Call us from anywhere in Michigan, any time of day, any day of the week, at 1-800-342-7896 to speak with a case consultant. We will help you explore your appellate options and immediately begin the appeal process. Don’t settle for less than the best possible criminal case result. Grabel & Associates will provide you with exceptional representation throughout your Michigan case.

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