Types of Licenses Awarded at DAAD Hearings in Southfield

If your license is revoked, you will need to win a DAAD hearing in order to get it reinstated. If you win a DAAD hearing in Southfield, however, you will not win back a fully reinstated license right away. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates can advise you on what types of licenses may be available in your case, as well as what you need to do in order to get a restricted license back, and eventually, get a fully reinstated license in Southfield. Call our toll free hotline or contact our experienced driver’s license attorneys as soon as possible for a free initial case analysis and learn more about our proven approach to DAAD hearings and driver’s license reinstatement in Southfield. Our lawyers are ready now to begin working with you or your loved one as you fight to get your license back.

With our renowned trial attorneys on your side, you can confidently take action to get back on the road, and you can be sure that every aspect of your case will be handled by a qualified lawyer. Under the direction of founding attorney and nationally recognized defender Scott Grabel, our team will guide you through everything you need to say and do in order to win a DAAD hearing and get a restricted driver’s license. We know what types of licenses are available to clients who are facing situations like yours, and will help you set goals in your case that align with your best interests. Call our 24/7 hotline or email our Southfield driver’s license lawyers by email now to learn more about our proven approach to driver’s license restoration.

Winning a DAAD Hearing in Southfield

In order to win a DAAD/DLAD hearing in Southfield, you will need to prove that you are sober and will remain sober even if allowed to drive again. In order to prove your sobriety, you will be required to have a substance abuse evaluation completed, and will need members of your community to draft support letters stating that you have remained sober. You will also need to prove that you attended AA or similar meetings.

If you are able to present all this evidence and convince the DAAD that you deserve your driving privileges back, you will not be able to drive without restrictions right away. You will first be awarded some type of restricted license, and will likely have to keep driving on that restricted license with an ignition interlock device for at least a year. Upon completion of the restricted driving period, you will need to have another hearing with the DAAD, and will again need to prove you should regain your driving privileges.

Time-Based Restricted License After DAAD Hearing Win in Southfield

There are two different types of restricted license you could be awarded at a DAAD hearing. The first is referred to as time-based, and allows the recipient to drive anywhere but only during certain times of day. For example, a time-based license may allow a person to drive between 9 AM and 5 PM (or a more restricted time period). While this may seem like it allows quite a bit of freedom, there is no flexibility with the time, even in case of a work or medical emergency.

Purpose-Based Restricted License Awarded at DAAD Hearing Win in Southfield

The other type of restricted license that can be won at a DAAD/DLAD hearing is a purpose-based license. A purpose-based license allows the recipient to drive to and from certain places, at any time of day. These places could include work, school, home, the doctor’s office, and AA meetings. Our lawyers can work with you to determine what places you need to drive to and attempt to craft your DAAD hearing defense to lead towards that goal.

Our Approach to Southfield Restricted Driver’s License Restoration

Our lawyers are committed to putting in the work needed to get you a restricted license, and eventually help you regain your full license when possible. With our team on your side, you can gain access to years of experience in driver’s license cases, and our lawyers will provide the aggressive defense needed to guide you to a favorable outcome. Check out our proven results and see why we are trusted by clients statewide to deliver exceptional defense representation in Southfield driver’s license cases.

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