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Stealing a vehicle, especially with the use of force or violence, is an incredibly serious offense, carrying harsh potential penalties in every case. Grabel & Associates understands carjacking laws and how to defend against wrongful conviction in Southfield carjacking cases because we have fought for countless past clients in theft, property, and violent crime cases. No matter what combination of criminal allegations you are up against, our experienced defense lawyers have the skill and experience to protect you as you battle back against jail time, fines, and other serious penalties. Along with armed robbery and other similarly violent offenses, carjacking is one of the most high-level theft and property crime charges a person can face. As soon as you are investigated for auto theft or accused of carjacking in Southfield, get in touch with our qualified Southfield attorney defending theft charge and begin taking the necessary steps to fight for your freedom.

With trial attorney Scott Grabel on your side, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge concerning criminal charges and defense strategies. After founding our firm more than a decade ago, Scott Grabel has won countless misdemeanor and felony cases, been recognized in the state and nationally, and had his comments featured in both local and wide-reaching publications, including the New York Times. Along with the rest of our highly rated attorneys, Scott Grabel will do whatever it takes to protect you or your loved one, and take special care to ensure you receive the best possible result in your serious felony case. With the rest of your life on the line, you need a lawyer who won’t look for the easy way out, and who is committed to putting in the time necessary to craft a unique defense approach centered on your best interests. Call our 24/7 theft and property crime defense hotline now and learn more about our proven approach to carjacking defense in Southfield, and let us advise you on what next steps you need to be taking in order to beat an auto theft charge.

Carjacking and Auto Theft Laws in Southfield

Carjacking is covered in Section 750.529a of the Penal Code, as an aggravated version of motor vehicle larceny charges. If you commit a larceny of a motor vehicle and at any point during the course of committing the offense use force, violence, threats, or fear against any person lawfully operating or attempting to recover the vehicle, you could be convicted of felony carjacking.

While the penalties for auto theft are already very severe, there is more of a financial reparation focus, with a large fine proportionate to the value of the vehicle in most cases. In carjacking cases, however, the penalty is very punitive, and could threaten your freedom for the rest of your life. Grabel & Associates knows how to protect clients who have been accused of carjacking, and know how to win in carjacking cases, achieve case dismissals, have charges reduced to auto theft or UDAA, or obtain favorable bargains, which can be difficult if not impossible without a qualified defense lawyer. Fight back now with our talented team and take action to protect your future.

Penalties for Carjacking in Southfield

If you are convicted of carjacking, you could face up to life in prison. It is absolutely essential that you act fast if you have been accused of carjacking, especially considering the harsh maximum penalty that you will be facing. From investigation through to a potential trial, our defense lawyers are committed to doing everything possible to protect you and help you obtain a great case result. Don’t wait to get in touch with a member of our team, call or contact us online now for a free consultation to get started.

Our Approach to Southfield Carjacking Defense

Our firm is committed to making premier defense available to clients statewide, beginning with a free case consultation. Our lawyers will remain available 24/7 throughout your case, and ensure you can always get answers to your pressing legal questions so that you don’t need to wonder about the status of your case. Get in touch with our firm right away and begin your fight for justice, allowing our team to guide your every step as you battle back against Southfield felony auto theft conviction.

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If you have been accused of carjacking or any other auto theft related charge, call 800-342-7896 or contact our team online now to set up a free initial case consultation. Our team is always available to begin working with clients in felony or misdemeanor cases, and will stand up for your rights and freedom throughout every stage of your case.

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