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Anytime a person is accused of stealing something from another, especially through use of force, the case is considered exceptionally serious. When a weapon or article used as a weapon is involved, however, it is even more critical that all involved parties work with experienced theft defense attorneys and fight to avoid conviction. Southfield law has special statutes to deal specifically with the use of a dangerous weapon during the course of a robbery, and anyone who has been accused of committing an armed robbery should get in touch with a talented attorney right away. Grabel & Associates is available 24/7 to begin working with clients in theft and property crime cases, and we have the skill and experience needed to guide you to an exceptional result, even in a complex felony armed robbery case. Armed robbery and theft in Southfield are among the more serious charges a person can face, with heavy maximum and minimum penalties on the line if a person is convicted. Our attorneys know how to achieve great results in Southfield armed robbery cases, and will work with you or your loved one to achieve a case dismissal, court victory, reduced charge, alternative sentence, or other favorable outcome. Call or contact us online right now to start your fight for justice.

Don’t wait to begin protecting yourself as you fight back against charges of armed robbery or use of a dangerous weapon. In addition to robbery charges, you could face weapons and assault allegations, and along with potential jail time and fines, the lasting effects of a felony record could stay with you for decades after your initial offense. Firm founder Scott Grabel works closely alongside the rest of our qualified team to provide top-level defense throughout investigation and criminal trials, and even works with clients seeking post-conviction motions and appeals after an initially disappointing case result. Whether you are looking to ensure you get the best possible result the first time, or looking to improve your result with a premier defense lawyer, call our 24/7 hotline now for a free initial case analysis and learn more about our proven approach to armed robbery defense.

Armed Robbery Legislation in Southfield, MI

Section 750.530 of the Michigan Penal Code deals with robbery, or felony larceny. Anytime a person commits a larceny of money or any other property and during the course of the commission of that larceny uses force or violence against any person, or who puts a person in fear, or who assaults any person present, can face a felony conviction.

If armed with a dangerous weapon, Section 750.529 comes into play as well. Any person who engages in an offense listed under 750.530 (robbery) who is armed with a dangerous weapon or an article used in a manner to lead any person present to believe the article is a dangerous weapon, or who orally or otherwise suggests that he or she possesses a dangerous weapon, will face additional felony charges, with extremely harsh penalties. Contact a lawyer now if you have been accused of armed robbery and fight back against conviction.

Criminal Penalties for Armed Robbery Conviction in Southfield

If convicted of armed robbery, a person can face up to life in prison, with a minimum sentence of two years in prison and a felony record. Robbery without a dangerous weapon can still lead to up to 15 years behind bars, so no theft offense should be taken lightly. In addition, the effects of a felony record can be life-changing, and could make it difficult to find a job, relocate, go to school, or travel. Work with our lawyers and protect your future.

Our Approach to Armed Robbery Defense in Southfield, MI

At Grabel & Associates, we know that everyone who has been accused of a felony offense deserves top-level defense, and shouldn’t have to rely on a court-appointed defender when so much is on the line. Our lawyers will stand up for you and look out for your best interests, and no matter how much time or effort it takes, we will get you the best result possible. As past clients will tell you, our lawyers care about every case we take, and treat your situation as if it were our own. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation, initial case consultation and learn more about our aggressive defense strategies and why we are respected as a leader in felony theft defense in Southfield.

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