Involuntary Manslaughter in Clinton Township

All homicide charges are exceptionally serious, and are among the most serious criminal charges a person can face. Involuntary manslaughter in Clinton Township is one of these charges, and anyone who is accused of involuntarily killing another person in the heat of the moment should contact our firm now. It is crucial that you work with an attorney from early on in your case, as there are many variables involved during the investigative stage that can drastically affect the outcome of your case. The sooner you are able to begin working through the legal issues in your case, the better your chances of receiving an exceptional case result, which is why our firm is committed to 24/7 availability. Contact us now for a free initial case analysis.

With trial lawyer Scott Grabel and our highly talented team on your side, you will be equipped with the tools you need to fight back against aggressive police and prosecutors. Under founder Scott Grabel’s direction, our experienced attorneys will develop a unique defense strategy tailored to your case after thoroughly reviewing every aspect of your situation. We have extensive experience working through complex cases, and we are ready now to begin fighting for your rights and freedom.

Contact Grabel & Associates now to get answers to your legal questions, and start working towards a favorable case outcome. We are ready to begin protecting you or your loved one as soon as involuntary manslaughter charges result.

Involuntary Manslaughter Defense

Involuntary manslaughter charges result when one causes the death of another person without premeditation or intent. This includes cases of reckless behavior causing death, or homicide unintentionally committed during the commission of another crime. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients in homicide cases including involuntary manslaughter cases, and are prepared to work with you throughout investigation, pre-trial, and a possible trial.

Get in touch with one of our violent crime lawyers now and let us begin protecting you against the serious criminal penalties that can result from an involuntary manslaughter conviction. Our proven strategies combined with a genuine concern for your best interests will be pivotal as we guide you towards a beneficial case outcome.

Contact Scott Grabel or another member of our qualified homicide defense team now and begin working towards the case outcome that best aligns with your legal goals. We are committed to protecting you no matter what it takes.

Criminal Penalties for Involuntary Manslaughter Convictions

According to the Michigan Penal Code, all manslaughter charges can be punished similarly. Although working with an attorney may be able to help you improve your result, the maximum sentence possible in a Clinton involuntary manslaughter case is up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $7,500 in addition to a felony record. Fight back against these potentially life-changing penalties by working with the Grabel & Associates violent crimes defense team right away, and let us protect your rights even as police and prosecutors work to build a case against you. We know what it takes to win in even the toughest situations, and are available right now to begin protecting you as you battle back against felony manslaughter charges.

Contact us by phone or online to immediately receive a free case consultation. We are ready to fight with you and for you throughout your battle for justice, and are dedicated to utilizing all of our resources to protect your freedom and your future.

Our Proven Defense Approach to Manslaughter

The defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates are relied upon by clients statewide to deliver premier level defense in homicide cases. We have proven our skill in countless past cases. Our past clients can confirm just how much our lawyers care about each individual case, and our highly rated attorneys are ready now to walk through the details of your case with you in efforts to find the unique specifics that can help you obtain a beneficial case result. Contact us now to learn more about involuntary manslaughter defense and some of the tactics that are most effective in Clinton homicide cases.

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