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If you've been stopped for a DUI in Michigan you need to act quickly to defend yourself and protect your driving privileges.

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An experienced Gogebic County criminal defense attorney can challenge your arrest and seek to suppress the results of chemical tests - including blood and breath tests. Preliminary roadside breath tests may be inaccurate and blood alcohol machines may be faulty. Our attorneys can challenge these tests along with the police conduct in making the stop and field sobriety tests that may be misinterpreted.

You CAN Fight Back - A DUI Arrest Does Not Mean You Are Guilty

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Our aggressive Gogebic criminal defense attorneys have years of experience getting Michigan criminal charges reduced and dismissed in all areas of criminal law including:

  • Drug crimes: Even Michigan misdemeanor charges for a small amount of marijuana, cocaine or other illegal narcotic can lead to big trouble later on if you get a conviction. If you are being investigated for drug charges, including possession, distribution or cultivation, don't wait for law enforcement to make the next move. You want our experience drug crimes attorneys on your side as soon as possible to create a winning strategy and keep you out of jail.
  • Assault and violent crimes: If you've been charged with assault and battery of a spouse or domestic partner, police are required by law to arrest you. Contacting one of our Michigan domestic violence attorney can make the difference between a more favorable plea bargain, a jail sentence, and freedom.
  • Juvenile crimes: Don't let one misstep ruin your child's future. We can help your teen stay out of adult court. Under the leadership of Scott Grabel, our Gogebic County juvenile crimes attorneys have successfully kept teenage offenses in the juvenile court and out of the adult court system, allowing kids to have a second chance and obtain appropriate guidance.

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Gogebic County Criminal Defense Information

Felony criminal cases are heard in the circuit court. The Gogebic County district court handles less serious criminal charges, including misdemeanors where potential jail time is less than a year.

The Circuit and District courts are located in Bessemer, at:

Gogebic County Courthouse
200 N. Moore Street
Bessemer, Michigan 49911

The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have over 100 combined years of experience providing aggressive criminal defense to people in Gogebic County and throughout Michigan.

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We also have a statewide practice representing those charged with Michigan sex crimes. We understand that it is crucial for your future and your reputation to keep your name off the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. At Grabel & Associates we are ready to fight for your future.

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