Can a Juvenile be Sentenced to Jail or Prison?

When a person under the age of 17 is charged with a criminal offense, the penalties can differ from adult criminal cases. Juvenile court sentencing is often focused on rehabilitative measures rather than punishment, and in most cases, jail and prison are not possible. However, just because an offender is young does not mean jail and prison are completely off the table. Work with Grabel & Associates to protect your rights and fight for freedom throughout every stage of your case.

Michigan Juvenile Defense Lawyers for Minors in Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Throughout Michigan

Our juvenile defense attorneys understand juvenile law and how details of your case could affect your sentencing possibilities. We understand how placement on the juvenile consent calendar, formal calendar, or adult court sentencing could affect your future and we know the judges, prosecutors, and legal issues you could face. Our attorneys have worked extensively in courtrooms statewide, and have used a variety of dynamic legal strategies to help juvenile and adult clients reach their legal goals. Fight back against overly harsh, life-changing penalties with Grabel & Associates, our team is available 24/7 to begin working with you in your case.

Sentencing on the Juvenile Consent Calendar and Formal Calendar

If an alleged offender is sent to juvenile court, a division of family court, institutionalization of any kind is unlikely. Only 5% of all juvenile court referrals result in institutionalization, and sentencing as a juvenile won’t lead to incarceration in an adult institution. If the offender is placed on the juvenile consent calendar, he or she will have the opportunity to complete certain conditions set out by a juvenile court judge in exchange for an expunged record. If the juvenile is placed on the formal calendar, he or she will face a regular juvenile court hearing and penalties.

Sentencing as an Adult in Michigan Juvenile Cases

In some cases, juvenile offenders can be sentenced as adults and face jail or prison time. Sentencing as an adult is possible if the case is extremely serious or if the offender is nearing the age of 17 (or a combination of both). If sentenced as an adult, the case will be moved out of the family court system and into a regular criminal trial court, at which point the case procedures may change. Our attorneys have juvenile and trial court experience, and can defend you no matter what court your case is heard in. Contact our experienced team now and work towards a beneficial case outcome; we understand how to protect against jail or prison time after juvenile delinquency accusations.

Our Approach to Juvenile Crime in Michigan

Our juvenile crime defense firm works to investigate every detail of any criminal case we take, and we will immediately inform you of every possible outcome so that you are able to set attainable goals. Our attorneys will do all they can to uncover hidden details of your case, allowing us to build an individualized criminal defense strategy that is tailored to your unique case.

Our Michigan defense firm has been representing juveniles statewide for over a decade, and our extensive experience in juvenile and trial courts gives us an inside understanding of the justice system and what it takes to win cases.

The aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorneys at our firm will work with you throughout the investigative stages of your case to ensure you do not tell police what they need to hear in order to convict you, and we will help you protect your rights and freedom no matter what it takes. We know that criminal cases can be time sensitive, which is why we are committed to 24/7 availability and will dedicate as much time as necessary to helping you fight back against overzealous police and prosecutors. We know how jail time and a criminal record could affect the rest of your life, and we care about your results and your future. Let our highly acclaimed defense team work with you and for you throughout every stage of your criminal case by contacting us right away.

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