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Law enforcement utilizes many different tricks to elicit the information they want out of people. The police can and will use the information you give them to build a case against you—not help you. If you have been arrested, the ONLY person you can trust is an experienced attorney.

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You Have Rights—We Enforce Them

Regardless of the charges against you—felony DUI/OUI, rape, child molestation, drug trafficking, drug possession, assault, etc.—you have rights.

  • You have a right to consult with a lawyer
  • You have a right to tell the police nothing when you are questioned or arrested
  • You have a right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure

While the Constitution grants you a number of rights, law enforcement is notorious for taking advantage of or violating those rights. Our criminal defense attorneys ensure those procedures are followed by the police and prosecution. And, when they aren't, we use that to your advantage.

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At Grabel & Associates, criminal defense is all we do. Our attorneys offer more than 100 years of collective experience and we use that experience to build the strongest defense strategy available for each client. Our ability to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case—such as evidence that was collected in violation of our client's rights—has enabled us to effectively obtain "not guilty" verdicts, dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, and other favorable outcomes for clients throughout Michigan.

Effective Counsel in Battle Creek Criminal Courts

In Michigan, when issued a traffic citation or arrested in connection to an offense punishable by less than one year, the local district court will handle all matters relating to bail, arraignment, pretrial, trial, pleas, and sentencing. The 10th District Court in Calhoun County presides over district court matters relating to offenses occurring in Battle Creek, Michigan. Serious misdemeanors (punishable by more than one year), felonies, and criminal appeals are handled by the circuit court—Michigan's trial court. Serious criminal charges in Battle Creek are heard by the 37th Judicial District Circuit Court.

10th District Court
161 E. Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014

37th Circuit Court
Calhoun County Justice Center
161 E. Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014-4066

Our attorneys at Grabel & Associates provide the necessary advice, counsel, and advocacy that is necessary when facing criminal matters at either Battle Creek courthouses.

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