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Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the experienced attorneys at Grabel & Associates can help. Many people under investigation for a crime think that the police are there to help them. This is often the first and biggest mistake a person facing potential Michigan criminal charges can make. The police are not there to be your friend. They want answers and may try to convince you to make statements that may later be used to incriminate you. Don’t be fooled—contact an experienced defense attorney at once to protect your rights.

At Grabel & Associates, we are ready to focus on you and start building your defense. We are selective in the cases we take—we concentrate on one case at a time in order to ensure we are able to provide the best possible results for you.

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Baraga County Criminal Cases – Courthouse Information

Criminal charges in Baraga County involving all criminal matters that carry a one-year sentence or more are heard in the circuit court. The district court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, ordinances and preliminary examinations of all felony cases. The Baraga County Circuit Court address is as located at:

12 Circuit Court – Baraga
Baraga County Courthouse
16th North Third Street
L’Anse, Michigan 49946
Phone: (906) 524-6183

The Baraga County District Court address is located at:

97th District Court – Baraga
Baraga County Courthouse
16 North Third Street
L’Anse, Michigan 49946
Phone: (906) 524-6100

Our Michigan criminal defense lawyers have years of experience successfully helping those accused of crimes in Baraga County navigate the criminal court system. We have aggressively advocated on behalf of defendants from all walks of life and have worked to ensure that where penalties are unavoidable, terms are just and fair.

Through our years of service, we have obtained the respect and admiration of judges, probation officers and other legal professionals in Baraga County and throughout Michigan. Let us put these years of experience, dedication and aggressive advocacy to work for you.

If you are facing criminal charges in Baraga County or anywhere in the State of Michigan, contact the lawyers at Grabel & Associates to protect your rights to fair and just treatment.

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