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Experienced Lawyers Defending Allegan County Michigan Residents Accused Of Crimes

At Grabel & Associates, our Michigan defense lawyers have years of experiencing helping Allegan residents and people throughout Michigan accused of crimes. We understand that each situation is unique and have years of experience defending people accused of all types of criminal activity, including assault and violent crimes such as homicide and gang violence, theft and property crimes, drug crimes, DUI charges, sex crimes and juvenile crimes.

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Often police officers begin asking questions, but you haven’t been charged with a crime. The best thing to protect yourself is to hire an aggressive Michigan defense lawyer to protect your constitutional rights against self-incrimination and avoid arrest. Our attorneys have years of experience with “pre-file” services, helping clients before they are charged and avoiding a mark on their permanent criminal record. In the event charges are filed, all fees will be applied to aggressively providing your defense.

Proven Results – Hundreds Of Cases Dismissed And Charges Reduced

If you are charged with a crime, our experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers have a proven track record of getting charges dismissed. We’ve had significant success obtaining not guilty verdicts, getting charges reduced or dismissed, and providing key evidence to avoid charges even being filed. Recent victories include:

We have successfully defended Allegan county residents and people accused of criminal charges statewide of all types of Michigan felonies and misdemeanors including DUI/DWI, theft crimes, weapons charges, violent crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes, drug charges and juvenile crimes.

The 48th Judicial Circuit Court is located in Allegan, Michigan, at:

113 Chestnut Street
Allegan, Michigan 49010

The Allegan Circuit Court Probation Office processes all criminal investigation and Orders of the Circuit Court regarding Felony Sentences and Probation.

Michigan Parole And Probation Violation Assistance

When sentencing is inevitable, the lawyers at Grabel & Associates have worked tirelessly to ensure our clients receive fair sentences and conditions of probation. We understand how best to advocate for your future and to defend your freedom of movement.

For many people, complying with the conditions of Michigan parole and probation guidelines can be very confusing—often resulting in violation charges where you aren’t even aware of what you did wrong. One misstep and you may face a hearing for a parole or probation violation.

It is crucial to get immediate legal defense when facing parole violation charges to ensure your freedom is protected.

Whether to protect your constitutional rights during an investigation, provide aggressive defense to criminal charges or assist with post-conviction probation and appeals, the experienced lawyers at Grabel & Associates can help.

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